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carbon dioxide What destroys the health of WFH people

Did you know that WFH is what everyone is doing these days? Everyone is living with an evil character that we cannot see. Therefore, today the doctor will tell you about it. What is that one?

Climate Change and its effects on health


I must say that in fact the issue of Climate Change or global warming, I must say that it is an issue that many agencies are talking about. It is not just a matter of medicine and is talked about. Which the doctor must say that today the doctor wants to present Or do you want to tell everyone?Carbon dioxide gas inside the homeListen, it's probably a matter of The reason is because right now many people may have to work WFH, and the WFH format that everyone is doing. Most of the time we have to close the door, close the window and turn on the air conditioner. To keep the cold air from getting out and not allowing hot air to enter

What happened is it.There is no exchange of indoor air within the building. or the house and the outside of the house where oxygen will gradually It decreased little by little, but not to the point that it caused us to die of lack of oxygen. But what happened is carbon dioxide It will increase little by little as well.

How much should the carbon dioxide level not exceed?

The doctor must tell you first that In general, this carbon dioxide level The World Health Organization recommends that Probably has no impact on human health. Generally it should not exceed 800 PM.

From research that examined carbon dioxide levels, whether inside the home, meeting rooms, or kindergarten children's classrooms. As time passes for half a day, or approximately 4-6 hours, carbon dioxide levels continue to increase. Until reaching the standard level set by the World Health Organization

Carbon dioxide and its effects on health

The doctor believes that everyone should start to pay attention to the level of carbon dioxide that exceeds. What effect will it have on our body?


Research has found that The level at which we are in a state of Carbon dioxide gas exceeds the standard of 800- 1000 PM for a long time. It will indirectly affect health. Whether it is a matter of deterioration of the body fromcause free radicals from causing chronic inflammation and there are quite a lot of clinical research studies that it is related to the quality of sleep Has an allergic effect Because the high levels of carbon dioxide in the air will have an indirect effect. in irritation of the respiratory mucosa and the functioning of the immune system itself 

Therefore, the doctor will say that it is a problem of carbon dioxide. Inside the house, many people People may not yet know. Or even we in the medical community may not talk much about it. The reason is because

  • Colorless, odorless carbon dioxide gas It is colorless and odorless, so we can't recognize it. If we don't measure, we won't know.
  • nonspecific symptoms With thatThe symptoms are not specific. It prevents us from realizing it.

Therefore, what the doctor wants to tell everyone. The only reason is that I want everyone to join together in managing or reducing carbon dioxide within the home. there

3 ways to reduce carbon dioxide within your home

1. Open a window or open a door.

Let outside air come in. I must say that this is the easiest way. But we must say that there are weaknesses. The first weak point is the PM 2.5 On days when there is a lot of PM 2.5, we may not be able to do it, right? You may be able to ease your weight. If we turn on the air purifier, it will help.

2. Growing plants inside the house

There are many trees, whether it be the emerald Kwak, Xanadu, lily or Lily, which must be said.These plants have research supporting them. that it is able to pull carbon dioxide can enter and react in its photosynthesis process But we have to tell you first that By itself it does not work to absorb carbon dioxide. Got a lot in time with us. Especially in a house where there are many people, because there is only one tree. Except that we plant it as a garden all over the house. This one might survive.

3. Installing an air purifier

Must be a wall-mounted air purifier. The advantage of this method is We can open it as usual. Second, it can actually reduce carbon dioxide. From what the doctor has tried or installed at home. But it has a weak point. quite pricey The second is that the area of the room cannot be used by the entire area or the entire house.


At present, we must say that carbon dioxide There are ways to manage that may not yet have the best way. The doctor just wanted to recommend that to everyoneStarting to have awarenessheavy on importance And after that, which method do we choose? It depends on each person. And I want to go. Everyone knows in the summary what the doctor will say.

What we can't see Or something we don't smell Especially in our home environment. There are many more that may cause happiness problems.Can picture

Dr. Watcharin Sirisapsombat (Dr. A)

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