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Allergies...diseases nearby Supplementing with probiotics can help.

Can't deny that Nowadays, we live more and more with dust and pollution. As a result, the health of many people began to have problems. In particular, allergies are not exclusive to people with genetics. But the environment has a lot of pollution.

Many people have probably heard the word What do probiotics help with? Until you get used to it and know about its remarkable properties in the digestive system. But few people know that probiotics in our intestines are beneficial to other systems.

Hormonal imbalance Because the lifestyle of the new generation, in addition to having Work-Life Balance, creates a balance between work life. and personal life To increase work efficiency

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Many patients come to ask the doctor about why they sometimes take probiotics. and didn't see the results Because I saw an advertisement saying that it helps improve bowel movement. Help with weight loss And also helps with allergies. But after taking it, it turned out that it did not help at all. The doctor must tell you first that We must not forget that probiotics are alive. And probiotics are not medicine. Therefore, we cannot control every symptom of it. So there are many factors. In a way that is involved One of them is the type and amount of probiotics that must be taken quickly. Today, the doctor has advice about when we should really take probiotics. To see results, when should we choose to take probiotics to see results? I really have to say. There are quite a lot of studies on probiotics nowadays. And most will find that It's really beneficial to our body. Just that we must not forget that When talking about microorganisms, there are many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of billions of types in the body, with all kinds of subtypes. Today we can only study some of them. There will be a number of germs that are on the list that are good germs. Each germ has different properties. There are overlapping properties. Therefore, choosing probiotics for one problem is actually a doctor's opinion that it is not an easy matter. Sometimes it is not possible to use a combination of these 10 germs that can be used in every condition. Because each person has a variety of different types of germs as well. Eating too many probiotics Or that the type may not be suitable for us. Perhaps it will lead to a loss of balance of microorganisms in the digestive tract. Or that it causes probiotics in our stomachs. It went from being good to even worse. Therefore, then Eating probiotics appropriately for each person [...]

Pointing out trends in the world market, finding that the number of people having problems with infertility and planning to have children continues to increase. “W9

As women age, various hormones enter a state of decline with age, especially

Adrenal fatigue Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome No matter how much sleep you sleep, it's not enough. Popular diseases among office society In addition to office syndrome

Day by day, the problem of air pollution affects the health of people in this era quite a bit. Especially people living in cities who have to face PM2.5 dust, car fumes from exhaust pipes, and microplastics.