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Sustainable health care services Fully integrated in WELLNESS

W9 Wellness Center Providing health care services that cover all individual needs. Solve the problem of chronic adverse symptoms that may become habituated By in-depth examination to find the true root cause of health problems. Emphasis is placed on examining the balance of the body in order to take care and prevent it before disease occurs.
Under the supervision of a team of medical experts who will help "you" Be the owner of good health and help delay aging in a sustainable way.

Our services

W9 recommended program

Want to have children? Want to have children? Invite couples to check their hormone balance. Ready to plan for having children by expert doctors Increase pregnancy success
Alternative cancer treatments are becoming more accepted. Helps reduce side effects from chemotherapy and NK Cells.
Check your health, enhance your “prevention” and take care of your health and that of your loved ones. with physical health examination

what out customer say

คุณแม้ว องค์อร อัครเศรณี
Ms. Maew Ong-on AkrasaneeOwner: Pisona Group of Hotel & Resorts
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For Meo, microorganisms and motherhood are very important because they affect strength, mood, brain, and even the immune system. "Maintaining the balance of microorganisms is therefore an important thing that mothers should not overlook."
คุณกุ๊กกิ๊ก กชกร
Mr. Kukkik Kotchakornactor
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Food Intolerance: Have you ever consulted a doctor about acne? Because I understand that it is the health of the facial skin. Until I came to try testing for hidden food allergies. The result is that we are allergic to many things that we like to eat. The doctor recommended adjusting to eating protein from meat. To get complete nutrition and avoid allergic reactions to hidden food allergies Don't overlook it.
คุณเบนซ์ ปุณยาพร พูลพิพัฒน์
Ms. Benz Punyaporn Poolpipatactor
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NAD+ is very suitable for people who don't have time to take care of their health like Benz. Benz tried to do it during a time when fatigue accumulated. You will feel fresh after boosting.
คุณกอล์ฟ อนุวัฒน์ ชูเชิดรัตนา
Mr. Golf Anuwat Chucherdrattanaactor
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Today I had the opportunity to check out the W9 Signature Vital Package program because I'm normally a trail runner. Exercise very hard But I've never had a physical health check. Today I learned what additional nutrients the body needs in great detail.

Health worth knowing

Many people have probably experienced problems with losing weight, whether it's difficult to lose weight or

Urinary incontinence One of the most common abnormal symptoms in the elderly. Even though we understand that it can happen because of deterioration with age. But it doesn't mean that it should be neglected.. It would definitely be better if we understood one of the symptoms that often occurs in the elderly.

Health consultation