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Cancer screening Know first..can be prevented from center distance

Cancer, as we all know, is a non-communicable disease. But it is the disease that causes the greatest loss rate. And currently we can Cancer screening available from the beginning Especially people with a family history of serious illnesses (cancer) will be at higher risk than others. Including living in the present has resulted in many things. People increase their risk of developing serious diseases more easily.

Cancer screening There are 2 factors that cause serious disease.


Internal factors Most of it is something we can't avoid. Because it is with us from birth.

  • genetic factors For example, if weHave a parent or relative who has cancer We will be at greater risk than the general population of developing serious diseases.
  • Age factor It is a factor that we cannot control. If we are older Especially people aged 40 years and over. There will be a greater risk of serious disease.
  • Body weight People who have a lot of weight willThere is a risk of many types of serious diseases.such as colon cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer

External factors Also known as Epigenetic, it is a factor that is not directly genetic. And then it can cause serious disease in the future.

  • food such as eating processed foods Eating red meat Eating fermented foods regularly It will increase the risk of cancer. or the cooking process, such as eating, grilling, etc.
  • substance use Especially in groups with alcohol or cigarettes, it increases the risk of serious disease.
  • Other factors Such as pollution, various pollutants, PM 2.5 dust, various heavy metal substances. It will be a group that can cause serious disease.

These are things that are not genetic factors. But there are also other factors. That puts us at risk of developing serious diseases. Therefore, screening for cancer every year. Or is it necessary to search for the cause every year in order to receive treatment? And can prevent the occurrence of serious diseases.

Guidelines for preventing serious diseases

Finding risks This can be done from taking the history. physical examination Then there was additional laboratory testing. Or it may be sent for examination such as ultrasound, CT SCAN, but we can observe that Nowadays, there are many innovations and testing technologies. That will let us know from the beginning. So what risks do we have? DNA test orgenetic testing It will be a test that can know the risk that we have any genetics that cause serious diseases. So that we can plan and manage accordingly.

Risk Reduction The risk reduction for each person is different. Because each person will have factors that cause risk that are different. which may have been planned since Exercise, diet and lifestyle adjustments will be planned on a case-by-case basis.

Finding cancer at an early stage In the past, we would have tests such as tumor markers or cancer markers. Later, there was continuous development of medical technology. Until we are able to detect cancer at an early stage, such as EDIM Technology (Epitope Detection in Macrophages Technology), etc., which we will be able to detect cancer in the early stages. And when we encounter it in the early stages There will be a chance for effective treatment and then it can be cured.


Cancer Screening (EDIM Technology)

It is the only test to screen for tumors or cancer. Can detect cancer at an early stage. which screens faster than testing for cancer markers (Tumor marker) with technology to detect abnormal tumors or that has the potential to become a tumor or cancer in the body using the APO10 and TKTL1 markers in macrophages. (A type of white blood cell responsible for catching and eating foreign substances in the body. Including malignancy It's like a garbage truck for the body.)

  • Diagnosis can be made at an early stage.from blood draw instead of examining with a tissue sample There is no need for pain from the surgical process.
  • There is accuracy of the inspection. It has high specificity and sensitivity in testing.
  • Check for tumors or cancerthat can be any type of lump Even small tumors can be detected.
  • Follow up after treatment or monitor for recurrence

Risk analysis program for 13 cancers and 21 common diseases from genetic material (DNA).

Because everyone has a “blueprint” or DNA that suits their lifestyle. Metabolic efficiency Metabolic ability from playing sports chance of illness and the risk of disease is different

  • People who smoke regularly
  • People who are likely to be exposed to chemicals in their daily life
  • Common stimulating factors such as pollution, dust and smoke.
  • People who want an in-depth health check and prevention of genetic diseases

𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 is a risk analysis program for 13 cancers and 21 common diseases from genetic material (DNA).

  • World-class certified inspection standards
  • Analyze various systems of the individual body
  • Plan health care according to genetics
  • Easy to detect with a saliva test.
  • No need for surgery. Diagnosed from zero distance

People who recommend coming for screening

  • People with a family history of serious illnesses
  • People with risk factors that cause serious diseases As mentioned above
  • People who are sick with serious illnesses and want to be examined to follow up. In order to adjust the treatment plan to be more appropriate.
  • Those who have been cured But I want to follow To check to see if there has been a recurrence of the cancer again.

These 4 groups are the groups that the doctor recommends that you should come for additional check-ups. or come for screening for malignant tumors Because cancer is closer than we think, so you should come for regular checkups.

“Because the best cancer treatment It is that we do not wait for it to happen.”

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