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Vitamin D test Prevent the risk of cancer.

Cancer is considered the number 1 cause of death for Thai people, which has occurred continuously for more than 20 years. We found that almost 70,000 Thai people die from all types of cancer each year, leaving them far behind from other diseases. At a rate that continues to increase every year Cancer is classified as a chronic non-communicable disease. with the most violence And another way is Vitamin D test To prevent the risk of cancer.

Advice to prevent cancer

  1. Balance weight
  2. Always move your body.
  3. Choose whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  4. Limit fast food and processed foods that are high in starch, sugar, and fat.
  5. Limit your consumption of processed red meat.
  6. Reduce drinks that contain sugar or sweeteners.
  7. limit alcohol intake
  8. Breastfeeding for mothers
What the doctor wants to "emphasize" to everyone about the causes of cancer is

In fact, very few cancers are caused by genetics, with only 10% found on average. The remaining more than 90% are caused by external, non-genetic factors. (Epigenetics)

Most common causes of cancerWe already know: Eating behaviorMeat type and grilled food Not eating fruits and vegetables, smoking, drinking alcohol, obesity, chronic infections Immune defects Including chronic stress.

There has been a study of the relationship between vitamin D levels in the blood and cancer rates and it has been found that there is indeed a significant relationship. by people with low vitamin D levels Will have a higher chance of getting cancer than those with high vitamin D levels. Therefore it can be concluded that Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of more than 20 types of cancer. Vitamin D test And vitamin D supplementation reduces the incidence of colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. and ovarian cancer as well

Low vitamin D in men

Research in Finland Conducted a study on a group of 19,000 middle-aged men. It took more than 13 years to collect experimental data. It was found that People with lower than average vitamin D levels. Have a higher rate of prostate cancer than people with higher than average vitamin D levels. 70%


Low vitamin D in women

Women with low vitamin D The risk of breast cancer increases 5 times. Breast cancer patients with low vitamin D found that their cancer spreads faster. and has a higher death rate Supplementing with vitamin D therefore reduces the death rate from cancer. 20% and the sooner you supplement with vitamin D It will reduce the death rate even more. 49%


Vitamin D has the ability to help prevent cancer at the cellular level through a variety of mechanisms, such as regulating the life cycle of cells. It helps in the process of controlling cell division. anti-inflammatory Resists the creation of blood vessels that feed the cancer tumor. Resists the growth and spread of cancer cells. more than that Vitamin D also plays a role in regulating the expression of many genes. that are related to cancer and the occurrence of abnormal immune system disease

In conclusion, in high-risk groups such as the elderly and patients with chronic kidney disease or cancer patients Vitamin D supplementation has clear benefits. in reducing violence Slow down disease progression and reduce the death rate.

In healthy people with low vitamin D Vitamin D supplementation Can reduce the risk of cancer. Especially colon cancer Prostate cancer and breast cancer But in this hour In general, healthy people do not have low vitamin D levels. We may not yet be able to conclude that Supplementing Vitamin D a little higher Will it be possible to prevent additional cancers? This is because many studies still provide conflicting information.


In this case, readers, please consider this. whether to supplement or not and how The doctor won't give me a guarantee.

book Healthitude happiness (Udom)motto
Dr. Pichak Wongwisit (Dr. Bai)

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