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“Wellness business” grows by leaps and bounds. W9 recommends investing in interesting trends these days.

“Age changes, age increases,” physical deterioration must occur. Taking care to prevent disease is therefore even more important. Especially when in a situation where the virus is spreading. People in every country around the world are searching for ways to take care of themselves. Protect yourself from disease.

Wellness Industry” or the beauty and health care industry Which is divided into 2 types according to the nature of service:Services that take care of your health both internally and externally The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reports that by 2025 it is expected thatleading the economy for healthof the entire world will be worth approximately 7 trillion US dollars or 230 trillion baht.

However, in Year 2020, global wellness economy It is still worth up to 4.4 trillion US dollars, or about 145 trillion baht (in 2019, the value was 4.9 trillion US dollars), divided into 436 billion US dollars or about 14 trillion baht from health tourism. Business for USD 68 billion or approximately 2.2 trillion baht

ธุรกิจ Wellness

In addition to that GWI also predicts that from 2020-2025, the spa business will have an average annual growth rate of 17.2%. As for health tourism, will grow at an average rate of 20.9%

  • W9 Wellness Center 52%

Dr. Pichak Wongwisit, Director of W9 Wellness Center, holistic health care center Said that the Wellness industry has a higher growth rate because Wellness is about taking care of the health of people of all ages. From childhood, working age to the elderly It is preventative health care for people who are not sick. or there is a slight abnormality

by Wellness also covers various economies Many other sectors such as tourism and health Preventive medicine Healthy nutrition, spa, anti-aging, exercise and mind. Eating healthy nutrition and weight loss Personal care, beauty, anti-aging, including traditional and alternative medicine. and health real estate, etc.

ธุรกิจ Wellness

"inIn 2021, W9 Wellness Center grew by 52%. Part of the factor that causes more growth is due tovirus That makes everyone turn to learning about their health. Focus on prevention and taking care of yourself before various diseases occur. At the same time, people's lives have changed. Both the work that must Work from home or looking for a holistic approach to health care Take care of your own health at home. Make Eating Healthy Nutrition and weight loss personal care Including the original doctor or psychological care has become more popular,” Dr. Pichak recalled.

  • Wellness trend: Take care of your health.

Dr. Phichak Continuing on about the Wellness business that has been extremely popular in the past year until now. Most of them are adjustments to take care of your physical health. Your own mind is the main focus, including trends in healthy eating, nutrition. and weight loss (Healthy eating Nutrition & Weight loss) where many people are looking for ways to eat food that is appropriate for their own bodies. Turn to exercise more or looking for vitamins Various dietary supplements to make one's own health better

Meanwhile, mentor wellness is another health care trend that is receiving a lot of attention. Because most people are more stressed. There has been a significant increase in emotional disorders. This results in problems in managing emotions, stress, and sleep. Therefore, the mentor wellness business is not just disease treatment. But it is about creating balance in the whole system of thoughts and minds, giving advice.

ธุรกิจ Wellness

As for W9 Wellness Center, both the body and mind are taken care of. Treat with sound, smell, and light, such as using sound therapy to help you sleep. aroma therapy Essential oils, acupuncture, as well as various light problems, combine many methods with technology. To help take care of each person's health

“Last year W9's patients have doubled. Most will come for preventive treatment. Both immunity and Mentor health, taking care of your mental health due to problems with sleeping and stress, which is a group that requires a physical examination. Initially, the body must be balanced, which requires a Health Coach, someone who gives health advice. Advice on how to live a good life, both for your health and your mind. It is like a mentor who makes life better,” said Dr. Pichak.

  • Focus on taking care of your health rather than getting sick.

Thai personChronic illness, obesity, high blood pressure including heart disease many cancers which preventive health care It is a key choice that everyone must adjust to their own lifestyle, including eating, sleeping, and managing emotions. Daily life and attitude

Dr. Phichak Continuing to say that Doctor's dutiesNowadays, it is not just treating and prescribing medicine according to symptoms. Because of these duties, in the future robots may be able to do better. The doctor's duty therefore must be to communicate, provide knowledge, advice, and advice to patients along with in-depth patient care. Because each patient has a physical condition different minds

ธุรกิจ Wellness

Wellness health care It will take care of both the body and mind, which W9 Wellness Center believes in adjusting personal balance. and holistic care for each person The groups that come to take care of their health range from children to the elderly. But the elderly group It is a group that comes to receive treatment. Emphasis is placed on balancing food, vitamins and treating various chronic diseases. Because of the Thai elderly Have a longer lifespan But there are many health problems, such as lack of nutrients and vitamins, and there is little annual physical examination,” said Dr. Pichak.

  • Health check to prevent disease

Dr. Phichak It went on to say that the weak point in Thai people's health care is health examinations. Thai people rarely have annual health checks unless they have an illness or suspect that they have one. Many people never have an annual health check. Therefore, if Thai people want to have better health, they should be encouraged to have regular health checks. and should push for health care and wellness, which there are many businesses involved It is something that everyone can start by themselves.

“All parties should work together to promote everyone's access to health screenings. Because it will be an in-depth information of each person. which are used in care Can prevent various diseases, which in the past 2 years have caused viruses. It is considered a warning sign to everyone that they must change their lifestyle. both eating exercise and reduce the use of many technologies that might make it comfortable but at the expense of health And you have to look at the balance of your own body.“​ Dr. Phichak said.

Especially at-risk groups, the elderly and people with chronic diseases. You should have regular health checks. In order to know how much the body has deteriorated. Are there any diseases that need to be taken care of so that they do not become severe or be cured? Because good disease treatment is not just about taking medicine but requires adjusting your lifestyle. To have a better quality of life

Source: Krungthep Turakij

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