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Allergies...diseases nearby Supplementing with probiotics can help.

Can't deny that Nowadays, we live more and more with dust and pollution. As a result, the health of many people began to have problems. In particular, allergies are not exclusive to people with genetics. But the environment has a lot of pollution. It can cause us to have allergies as well.

Allergy is a condition that occurs because the body has a strong reaction to certain antigens. and cause harm to the body, such as allergies to chemicals, dust, pollen, the air, or even food that is eaten regularly This disease is considered the most common disease in Thailand. It can be said that almost half of the country's population will experience allergy problems.



Causes of allergic diseases

1. Genetic factors If the father or mother suffers from allergies Children also have a chance of having allergies. The chance of it being about 30 - 50%, but if both parents have allergies Children who are born will have an increased chance of getting it by about 50 - 70%, while children whose parents do not have allergies at all will have a chance of getting it at 10% only, and boys will be more likely than girls.

2. The second factor is environmental. Even though our parents don't have allergies. And we are not born with allergies. But we live in an environment with a lot of dust and smoke that can make us allergic to the environment. Whether it's inhaling, eating, or touching allergens. Some allergens are easy to notice, such as food, especially seafood, which is the allergen that people are most allergic to.

Symptoms of allergy

Symptoms of allergy occur in areas where we are allergic, such as hives on the skin, stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. But if you know what you are allergic to, you must avoid substances that cause allergies. And supplementing with probiotics is another option for reducing allergies.


Probiotics help prevent allergic diseases.

Probiotics besides having good properties for the digestive and intestinal systems. It also helps prevent allergies in children. That's because Probiotics are bacteria that are important in building a strong immune system. But when the body loses the balance between good and bad microorganisms? It will make various systems The body doesn't work well. Supplementing with Probiotics is therefore a good choice to help balance the intestinal tract for good and bad bacteria to be in balance. It will result in a stronger immune system, reduce inflammation, and help reduce allergies.


“There is research that clearly indicates that probiotics play an important role in reducing “Skin allergy” in young children can be very serious. There was an experiment using bacteria. Lactobacillus GG given to children aged 2 years was found to reduce the incidence of allergic rashes by 50 percent compared to those who did not receive it. Including food allergies as well.”


To prevent allergies For children aged 1 - 2 years, it is not necessary for the child to consume probiotics supplemented with milk. It is the mother who consumes them instead. Probiotics are transferred from the mother to the baby through the milk that the mother gives the child to drink. or in the case where the mother is pregnant You can eat it right away. Babies will also receive some probiotics while they are in their mother's womb. When born, they will have more resistance to allergies than children whose mothers did not take probiotics. It also helps reduce complications from pregnancy in another way as well.


We can improve our body's immunity by taking care of our health, such as eating nutritious foods. Exercise regularly and get enough rest In addition, taking individual probiotics can help strengthen the body's immune system as well.

Package to reduce allergy symptoms and food allergies


Check for risks and people with health problems as follows

  • Allergic rhinitis, sneezing, runny nose
  • Skin allergies, rashes, acne, etc.
  • asthma
  • Food allergy

Who is it suitable for?

  • People aged 3 years and over
  • People with various allergy problems
  • People who want to improve skin health
  • People who want to delay aging
  • People who like to eat sweet, fatty, red meat, and processed foods on a regular basis.

“Because 90% cells in the body are microbial cells. And the microorganisms in each person's body are different. Want to be healthy You should supplement with probiotics that best suit your body.”


Recommended program

Package level: in-depth intestinal balance check in order to supplement with probiotics that the body lacks. It will help solve the problem more directly.

price ฿19,000.00 baht

Package level: in-depth intestinal balance check in order to supplement with probiotics that the body lacks. It will help solve the problem more directly.

price ฿19,000.00 baht

Package level: in-depth intestinal balance check in order to supplement with probiotics that the body lacks. It will help solve the problem more directly.

price ฿19,000.00 baht

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