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Personalized Vitamin

Personalized vitamins, unique formula of W9 Wellness for continuous health care. No residue Helps to be healthy from within

Personal Vitamins Are you still wondering?

Are you still wondering what vitamins to buy? Which vitamin should I take? And how much quantity is appropriate for our body? Nutrient needs are different at different ages. Gender, including the limitations of daily life in a hurry This may cause us to have a chance of not getting enough essential nutrients to meet the body's needs. And really "now" What vitamin is our body actually lacking? Because of the vitamins that are really there It is further subdivided into many types, including vitamin ABCEK to nutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and many others.

Take vitamins like him Why don't we see results?

Vitamin supplements available in this era come in many different formulas to meet the needs of most people, such as:

  • Restoring the nervous system
  • Strengthen your eyesight
  • Increase the functioning of the metabolic system
  • Increase sleep quality
  •  Reduce skin problems

But the truth and basic needs of each person's body are different. Choosing vitamin supplements should therefore be a more personal matter.


I want to take vitamin supplements. But I don't know how to start.

Even though we all know that vitamins are beneficial to the body. and is considered to be an important item for humans in the COVID era at this time But I believe that many people may be confused and not know what vitamin supplements they need to take. Because if you eat too much, it will put a burden on your liver to work harder.

In addition, our bodies are different in terms of genetic factors. As a result, each person has different needs for each type of nutrient. (Nutrigenetics) which takes care of health directly (Precision Medicine) therefore has laboratory tests to know these various factors. To assess your needs, what amount should you receive that is really suitable for you? The results are then produced into individual vitamins. (Personalized Vitamins) using high quality, pharmaceutical grade vitamins. (Pharmaceutical grade) for safety And so that you get the vitamins your body needs. and can hope for results in disease prevention

📍 It would definitely be better if you got to know your body more. Before deciding to supplement with vitamins or various nutrients

👉 Know what kind of nutrients your body is lacking and need to supplement with.
👉 Know what types of nutrients your body absorbs well.
👉 Know what kind of problems your body has in absorbing nutrients.

If only 1-2 symptoms come and go, don't think it's just because of tiredness. Fatigue..but it may be caused by problems with various essential vitamins and minerals in the body.

What are some things that cannot (ever) be fixed?

  •  Irregular menstruation
  •  Bloating, frequent indigestion
  •  Difficulty sleeping
  • chronic fatigue
  • Hardly able to control emotions
  • Loss of focus, lack of concentration

Because of each person's health problems There is also a different formula. Invite you to check your levels of vitamins, minerals, and free radicals.

How is Personalized Vitamin different from general vitamins?

One of the wonders of humanity That is, we all have an identity (Identity) that is used to identify ourselves, not the same, not the same, even if we are twins. Differences that make us all have different appearances, heights, personalities, strengths, and even the chance of getting sick. Even in the same environment..

Personalized Vitamin is W9 Wellness' unique vitamin formula designed by medical experts. To get vitamins that are safe There is no residue left on the body. And help balance the work of various systems with 2 easy steps.

  • Check the current level of vitamins in the body.
  • Give vitamins specifically formulated according to your body's needs. (Personalized Vitamin)

What time is best to take vitamin supplements?

The recommended time to take vitamins is: With a meal or after a meal Because vitamins are organic substances. Therefore, it should be taken with food and other minerals for best absorption.

Sometimes taking vitamin supplements like we do can have negative effects on the body. If eaten incorrectly or in excessive amounts It may affect the waste excretion system of the liver and kidneys in our body.

Vitamin Test

Therefore, examining the body to supplement with individual vitamins can help solve the problem directly. Because it will let us know what vitamins our body lacks. In order to get the right supplement and the right amount, don't forget, because you are unique. And there's no one like you 🩺

💊 Vitamin supplements in various formulas Designed by medical experts To take care of your health continuously every day

W9 Supplement Bottle

W9's unique vitamin formula that focuses on helping people with allergies. And also get skin issues along with it.

Boost immunity Increase absorption of vitamin C

price ฿450.00 baht

W9 Wellness's unique vitamin formula to provide continuous care for your health.

Enhance the quality of your sleep.

price ฿990.00 baht

W9 Wellness's unique vitamin formula to provide continuous care for your health.

Protect your eyes and improve sleep efficiency.

price ฿990.00 baht

W9 Wellness's unique vitamin formula to provide continuous care for your health.

Prevent migraine headaches

price ฿990.00 baht

Daily Immune Supplement 1 jar of specially formulated vitamins (contains 30 capsules) that includes vitamins that have the latest research results to help strengthen the body's immune system from within continuously every day.

price ฿990.00 baht

W9 Wellness's unique vitamin formula to continuously take care of your health.

Suitable for: People who want to restore skin health Add a concentrated formula of antioxidants to the body.

price ฿990.00 baht

W9 Wellness's unique vitamin formula to provide continuous care for your health.

Helps to drive out toxins Restore the liver to be strong.

price ฿990.00 baht

W9 Supplement Pack

A complex of vitamins and minerals helps relax muscles. Helps reduce inflammation Balancing the body. Contains a mixture of magnesium and concentrated turmeric extract. and bromelain enzyme from pineapple cores

Set of 3 vitamin capsules (1 pack has 30 packets), take 1 packet per day.

price ฿2,800.00 baht

Daily Immune Booster Pack Vitamin set of 4 capsules (1 pack has 30 packets) that collects essential vitamins each day. To help strengthen the immune system and nourish the body to be strong from within, it can be done continuously every day.

price ฿2,800.00 baht

sleep quality is the key to good health For all ages who want to enhance the quality of their sleep every day. With vitamins, nutrients and important minerals from nature, unique W9 Wellness formula that helps reduce the causes of insomnia. or sleep ineffectively

price ฿2,800.00 baht

Long Covid Vitamins includes vitamins and minerals necessary to nourish the body by experts.

price ฿2,800.00 baht

Helps control weight Inhibits the formation of fat accumulation Accelerate metabolism

price ฿2,800.00 baht

W9's unique vitamin formula that focuses on increasing the efficiency of detoxifying the liver, reducing inflammation, and helping reduce fatty liver.

price ฿2,800.00 baht

Vitamins to nourish and revitalize the skin, a unique formula of W9 Wellness, so that your skin health can be continuously taken care of.

Suitable for: People who want to restore skin health Add a concentrated formula of antioxidants to the body.

price ฿2,800.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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