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Bladder treatment program

"Coughing, sneezing, urinary leakage, don't ignore it. It can be treated at the first sign."

  • 1 course 2,500 baht (first try, receive a free discount 30%)
  • Course 5 times 11,590 baht (normally 12,500 baht)
  • Course 10 times 19,900 baht (normally 25,000 baht)

Bladder syndrome Recommended to do about 2-3 times/week. Continuously for at least 1-2 months

price ฿2,500.00 baht

More details

Treating bladder incontinence while coughing and sneezing can be treated at the first sign.


Causes of urinary incontinence

Problems with urinary incontinence Unable to purify urine while coughing or sneezing. This is caused by weakening of the pelvic supporting muscles. As a result, when coughing and sneezing, urine leaks out unintentionally.

Options for treating symptoms "Urine leakage" without pain and no need for surgery is the use of magnetic stimulation waves or PMS (Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation) to help stimulate the urinary system. and increase the strength of the sphincter muscles

Advantages of magnetic stimulation therapy

  • Safe, no pain during treatment
  • No need to take off your clothes. Can stimulate up to 10 centimeters deep through clothing.
  • Takes only 20-30 minutes/time to do.

Groups suitable for using PMS magnetic stimulation devices

  • chronic pain Office Syndrome
  • herniated disc Pain from the nervous system
  • Paralyzed patients
  • Numbness from peripheral neuropathy Numbness in diabetic patients
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Sexual Health Problems

Not recommended patients

  • patients with cancer
  • People who have a battery-powered implanted electrical pacemaker, such as a Pacemaker.
  • Areas with large circles of metal, such as the wires on the kneecap
  • Cancer patients who are still undergoing treatment
  • woman who is pregnant (Does not stimulate the abdominal and back areas)

Read details Bladder treatment program

Conditions for receiving service:

  • There is no need to abstain from water and food before the blood test.
  • This program does not include an annual basic health check-up.
  • W9 Wellness reserves the right to change conditions without prior notice.
  • The above service fee already includes doctor's fee and nursing fee.
  • Please call to make an appointment before using the service.

Service branches

  • Praram 9 Hospital Branch
    • Phone number: 092-9936922
    • Line: @w9wellness
    • Opening-closing hours: 08.00 – 17.00 hrs.
  • Ploenchit Center branch
    • Phone number: 099-4969626
    • Line: @wploenchit
    • Opening-closing hours: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Other packages and promotions

Course price for using the service

  •   Price 18,000 baht / 1 time
  •   Price 75,000 baht / 5 times

price ฿18,000.00 baht

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