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Food Intolerance Test It will be a test for latent food allergies from IgG antibodies, which are caused by foods that we often eat. or eat regularly during that time will cause the test result value to be especially high The results of this Food Intolerance test will help us diversify our food intake.

price ฿26,500.00 baht

In-depth health analysis program Selected to suit your lifestyle.

price ฿4,900.00 baht

What if the body ages? Older than your actual age Check your telomeres (Telomere Length), the key to the secret of longevity.

price ฿15,000.00 baht

Holistic health check program, 68 items that covers all system inspections including basic examinations, hormone levels, vitamins, and inflammation in various systems Suitable for people with chronic health problems that cannot be determined. Or those who want a preventive health balance check that goes more in depth than the basic health check program.

price ฿39,000.00 baht


Special intestinal microbiome testing program, Premium Gut Microbiome DNA test, covering all 3 panels.

  • Receive free Personalized Probiotics based on 3-month test results, valued at 18,000 baht.

price Original price was: ฿47,000.00.Current price is: ฿39,000.00. baht

Hormone balance analysis program that are necessary for the body's performance Important to the nervous system Emotion regulation, sleep, sexual performance Including the body's energy generation system

price ฿6,900.00 baht

Analyze the balance in the detoxification process. Through measuring the amount of organic acids that are excreted in the urine. which can reflect the functioning of the body in many systems

price ฿18,500.00 baht

W9 Anti-Pollution Package Examine and remove toxins deep to the tissue level. 39 inspection items “Don't let toxins accumulate in your body until they become chronic symptoms.”

  • Oligoscan test 1 time
  • Check Toxic Heavy Metal 1 time
  • Chelation Therapy service 4 times

price ฿31,500.00 baht

W9's unique vitamin formula that focuses on helping people with allergies. And also get skin issues along with it.

Boost immunity Increase absorption of vitamin C

price ฿450.00 baht