Vitamin IV Drip

Vitamin IV Drip is a new way of health care that is becoming a popular trend among young women in the laboratory or even celebrities. It is another social activity that is currently gaining a lot of popularity.

No more worries about poor absorption and not wanting to take medication.

Vitamin IV Drip program is a fast-acting helper for skin vitamin rejuvenation and restoring the body’s system with pure vitamins. The concentrated formula is administered through a saline drip and is immediately absorbed into the body.

When receiving vitamins and nutrients through “Vitamin IV Drip,” the body can quickly absorb them, up to 100%. It can also immediately infiltrate the body, unlike with taking oral supplements or applying creams, where absorption may not be as efficient.


Oxidants and various types of vitamins, when they have to pass through the digestive system, can cause gas, stomach pain, and many other problems. In contrast, giving nutrients through Vitamin IV Drip will not cause these side effects. This is why Vitamin IV Drip is highly popular in foreign countries, especially among celebrities and well-known personalities. Currently, it is also becoming increasingly popular and receiving continuous attention from health-conscious people in Thailand.

Steps to administer Vitamin IV Drip

Administering vitamins through Vitamin IV Drip is convenient and easy. The doctor will take the patient’s medical history and conduct a physical examination to provide advice or a vitamin drip formula suitable for the individual patient. During the IV Drip procedure, patients can engage in activities they enjoy such as reading, browsing social media, etc. A nurse will check on the patient’s well-being throughout the service. Once the vitamin has been administered, the nurse will remove the saline drip, and the procedure is complete. After that, the patient can go home.

Benefits of Vitamin IV Drip

  • The body can absorb the vitamins quickly, up to 100%.
  • The vitamins can enter the body and be used immediately.
  • Reduces fatigue from daily life and work.
  • Boosts the body’s immune system.
  • Makes skin clear and healthy.

Why choose Vitamin IV Drip at W9 Wellness Center

  • The vitamin drip formula is designed by medical professionals specializing in anti-aging medicine.
  • Administered by specialized doctors and nurses with expertise in administering vitamins intravenously.
  • Uses equipment and medication that meets hospital standards.

Boost your vitamin levels in just one session with W9 Wellness’s special formula, which offers more than 12 different formulas to promote inner beauty and eliminate concerns about toxins while also improving cell efficiency within the body. The procedure takes only 40-60 minutes.

Consult your health concerns and enjoy exclusive privileges here.

Vitamin IV Drip, Boosting Vitamin Levels
With a Special Formula of W9 Wellness, more than 12 formulas, through a saline drip.

Immune Booster

Boost the body’s immunity, reduce the risk of infection, and alleviate allergic symptoms.

Sleep Better

Help relax, balance minerals and neurotransmitters for quality sleep.

Fat Burner
Increase the rate of burning stored body fat, and enhance weight loss programs.

Power Recharge
Restore cellular energy levels, refresh and revitalize the body and mind.

Vitamins that help restore the body after COVID-19 infection, for a quick and healthy recovery.

Urban Detox
Improve the effectiveness of detoxifying pollutants, smoke, and other urban toxins.

Secret Blink
Replenish vitamins for a fresh and healthy complexion, from the inside out.

Liver Detox
Restore liver function, increase the effectiveness of toxin elimination, and remove accumulated toxins from the liver.

Premium Chelation Therapy
Restore blood vessels, accelerate the detoxification process, especially for heavy metals in the body.

Megadose Vit C
Nourish and restore the skin, balance the immune system, for a strong and vibrant body.

Brain Booster
Enhance the performance of the nervous system and brain, relieve accumulated stress and fatigue.

Revitalize & Bright Skin
Bright and clear skin from inside out

Allergy Support
Strengthened your immune Reduce allergies problems

Freshen you up and help you overcome your hangover quickly

NAD+ THERAPY Personalized
The latest anti-aging innovation, delay brain and cell deterioration for almost all types of cells.

Curcumin IV
A natural treasure that helps prevent and treat certain types of cancer cells, with excellent anti-inflammatory properties.