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Menopause can be prevented Signs of hormonal change

Menopause can be prevented. When talking about "Golden age" Many people probably shook their heads saying that it definitely wasn't me. But who knows what the symptoms we are actually experiencing are? Signs of entering menopause It can be, whether it is physical or mental changes, whichCaused by lack of sex hormones andNot only women Men can have menopause too. But instead of stressing or worrying about such symptoms, Change to understand And would it be better to find a way to deal with menopause? So that our golden years will be happy. Both physical and mental health go together. But what will happen today? We have some advice to tell you.

Menopause can be prevented Both men and women


Women and men when they begin to enter the age of 40+ often experience menopause. But it will come quickly or slowly.Women are caused by changes in the female hormone called “estrogen”. This is because estrogen affects many parts of the body. Whether it's the brain, bones, skin, when hormones decrease, it results in various symptoms. as it is called "menopausal symptoms"Men can also experience menopause.same whichIt is caused by a deficiency of the male sex hormone called "testosterone" that decreases.

The symptoms found in Menopausal men often have a belly. Muscles become smaller less strong and more thinning hair which is louder than that of men and ladies You can get advice directly from expert doctors.

Warning signs of menopause

Menopausal symptoms in men

Men who are getting older Or enter the elderly period where symptoms begin to appear abnormal to the body and mind as a result of the male hormone or testosterone (Testosterone) decreasing, which we call a condition called Andropause or a condition. "Golden man" There are often symptoms as follows:


  • Loss of energy, loss of enthusiasm, fatigue, loss of appetite, body aches, sleeping a lot or not sleeping well, being aggressive.
  • Obesity, osteoporosis, arched back, heart disease
  • Stressed, depressed, bored, often upset, picky, emotionally unstable.
  • Doesn't want to socialize, withdraws, talks in ways that don't make sense to others, for no reason
  • Loss of sexual desire Have erection problems
Menopausal symptoms in women

Menopausal woman Or menopause (Menopause) often has many physical and mental abnormalities, including:


  • Having hot flashes, feeling cold and hot.
  • Numbness in the tips of the hands and feet
  • sweat easily And often sweat when applying, for example easily irritated, easily angered, touchy, depressed.
  • Some people have decreased sexual desire.
  • Vaginal dryness, burning sensation
  • Frequent urination and inability to urinate
  • Long after menopause, problems encountered include osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. and dementia

these problems It is a result of the ovaries working less. Makes the hormones estrogen (Estrogen), progesterone (Progesterone) or even testosterone. (Testosterone) decreased.

After reading up to this point, many people should be able to examine themselves to see if they fall into this category or not. If you have any of these symptoms, it is recommended that you go for a health check and discuss your health problems with your doctor. to plan treatment for such conditions Because it will allow us to plan the most accurate and appropriate care for ourselves.

Entering the golden age with understanding Check your body regularly at least once a year.

  • Check blood pressure
  • Blood test for lipid levels
  • Internal examination to check for cervical cancer
  • Check for breast cancer
  • Check bone density
  • Check levels of hormones related to menopause

At present we can take care of and protect "Golden age" byMaintain hormonal balance It will help delay and reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms. It also helps prevent various degenerative diseases that often occur as people age. Makes us happy with life for longer Just don't overlook the problem of hormone deficiency during menopause and take action quickly.Correct, prevent, treat Just be quick.

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