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หมอไอซ์ Stem Cell

Dr. Ice: “Application of knowledge and use of stem cells (Stem Cell) and placenta extracts. in anti-aging patients"

Dr. Ice, M.D. Phattharalada Ritthiwong, anti-aging and preventive medicine doctor at W9 Wellness Center, a holistic health care center (Holistic) in Rama 9 Hospital. Invited by Winsell Research to be a lecturer on the topic “Application of knowledge and use of stem cells and placenta extracts in anti-aging patients" On October 28, 2021,

Did you know? What are "stem cells"?

Stem cell (STEM CELL) has the main meaning that “It is the root of the main ingredient.” or "Stem cells" of something. Therefore, a stem cell is a cell that is the origin of other cells and has the ability to develop into other specialized cells. There are two important properties of stem cells: being able to change into other types of cells that perform specific functions and being able to divide and multiply continuously.

Stem Cell is not just a matter of beauty.

  • Give birth to new cells to replace old cells. Helps restore the body
  • Helps repair damaged cells Reduce inflammation
  • It has the function of secreting anti-inflammatory substances. Stimulate cells to be strong and work better
  • Helps control the functioning of immune system cells.
  • Helps in treating infertility
  • Helps in treating erectile dysfunction.

With these useful features Make the medical attention Used for research and development on stem cells or stem cells for use in treatment. and prevent various diseases

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