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Alzheimer's, know first, prevent it.

Alzheimer's It is a disease caused by the deterioration of the function and structure of brain tissue.Often found in the elderly But it is a deterioration thatCaused by the body's inability to eliminate protein waste. (Beta-amyloid and Tau protein) To leave the brain normally, it causes clumping (Plaque) and tangle. (Tangles) which from accumulation Such accumulated waste in the brain will go away.Disrupting communication in the brain Make the message Acetylcholine nerve (Acetylcholine) that has a direct effect on memory decline And if there is chronic brain inflammation (Chronic brain inflammation) In the long term, it will cause damage to brain cells. The brain tissue atrophies to the point where it can eventually cause dementia.

“Alzheimer's is not a natural deterioration. Elderly people do not have to have Alzheimer's.”


Main symptoms of Alzheimer's

The most common symptom is forgetfulness. This is because the deterioration gradually starts in the hippocampus. that plays a role in remembering new information (short-term memory) and then spreads to other parts of the brain, affecting learning feelings, thoughts, language, and behavior throughout the entire period From first diagnosis to death is on average 8-10 years.

In the present era, the birth rateAlzheimer's disease tends to increase continuously It also occurs in people with a lower average age. which patients with Alzheimer's disease since Diseases in the medium term onwards often require "rely on" Very tall family members Take a good look at it. Around us, there are starting to be more and more people with Alzheimer's symptoms. slowly and the more Thailand we are moving towards “Elderly society” This disease is therefore considered It is another important social problem.

Risk factors that we cannot control namely age, gender, and genetics.

Risk factors that we can control is the risk from various chronic diseases, such as people with diabetes being at risk Alzheimer's increases 2.5 times in people who smoke. Drinking alcohol regularly has an increased risk 30% and in people who are obese. High blood pressure, depression, and people who do not exercise (Sedentary) were also found to be at risk of having Alzheimer's disease can also increase.

APOE genetic prediction

Until now We still cannot conclude that Which one is it? "Direct cause" of Alzheimer's disease, but... we found genes that are "Indirect cause" To addRisk of Alzheimer's diseaseIt's called Apolipoprotein E (Apolipoprotein E: APOE), which stands for APOE. It has many functions. In the process of energy metabolism at the cellular level, protein synthesis excretion of waste and the process of transporting fat and cholesterol

“Because APOE stands, it can be inherited. and genetic factors It may affect up to 80%.”

AopE testing predicts Alzheimer's risk.

genetic testing (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) is therefore more important. AopE testing can be used to predict risk.Before symptoms appear4 (Predictive testing), especially family members of the patientAlzheimer's To use to assess risk levels Plan defense The frequency of screening, surveillance, and guidance on behavior can be improved.

APOE genetic test It will let us know that We have inherited (Risk) Did it come from your parents?

This stand has 3 forms (Alleles) which are APOE-2, APOE-3, and APOE-4 which usually Most people will encounter the APOE-3 format the most.

If anyone receives an inheritance APOE-2, which is considered a protective gene (Protective gene) If it comes, it's considered lucky. But found very rarely


As for APOE-4 is considered to be a risk factor (Risk-factor gene). Whoever has it in their possession will be at many times higher risk. But that doesn't mean it must. It's a disease because some people have APOE-4 but don't have the disease. Some people have the disease but don't have APOE-4.


The bad news that Dr. Bai wants to tell you is that We found APOE-4 culprits in 25% populations. And if our father or mother has this APOE-4, we have the right to inherit it as high as 50%. People who have APOE-4 often suffer from diseases in their old age. This is on average 5-10 years less than people without the APOE-4 gene.

However, if we have APOE - 4, don't be alarmed. We still have factors beyond genetics. (Epigenetics) that is like an on or off switch. Expression of this gene We still have a chance to seal it. Don't let evil people wake up and cause disease.

In conclusion, If there is APOE-4 Then it means We are more at risk than others. If there isn't one, Dr. Bai recommends taking special care of yourself. Catch up and prevent risk factors, live your life a little better than others. The chance of getting disease is easily reduced.

Functional Medicine therefore has an in-depth balance test which can provide additional information about the level of chronic brain inflammation (Chronic Brain Inflammation) through testing. organic acids in urine (Organic Acid Testing) andCheck accumulated heavy metal levels (Toxic Heavy Metals) For screening people who are interested Especially those at high risk. or have a history in the immediate family to plan the balance adjustment To prevent disease (Prevention) or even help with treatment. (Complementary Treatment) to reduce the severity of the disease.

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Dr. Pichak Wongwisit (Dr. Bai)

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