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Want to have children (steps) not difficult, balance hormones Increase pregnancy success

Difficulty in having children is a big problem for many couples. People can say that In the recent past, we can see that people's having children has begun to change. It can be observed from the age range of prenatal care. If you're not too young at all. I'm too old. And at the right age to get pregnant, it was found that she refused to get pregnant at all. It may be due to many factors that modern people are starting to have more difficult problems with infertility, even though some couples are trying very hard to want to have children.

Holistic Wellness Pregnancy Preparation

As for preparing for pregnancy in the style of Wellness parents, first of all, when we are pregnant we have to stop using alcohol, cigarettes, etc. But in terms of Wellness, there is something more than that. Holistic pregnancy, first of all

  • stress management
  • Hormone balance
  • balance of life

No matter what I do, I won't get pregnant.

Today's medical technology is more modern. Some couples struggling with infertility may use options to help conceive, such as sperm injection (ICI or IUI), GIFT, and in vitro fertilization (IVF&ET). , and doing it with special techniques (ICSI, MESA, TESE), but for some couples, they found that no matter what they did, they still couldn't get pregnant. Or some couples want to get pregnant naturally.

And at the W9 Wellness Center, we also provide counseling to couples who are having difficulty having children or who want to have children through natural methods. Many couples who come to consult. Come check your body's overall health. both women and men or vitamin supplements It has been found to help increase pregnancy success.

7 obstacles that risk having difficulty having children

  1. Getting older Egg cells decrease in quality and quantity. Testosterone decreases in men.
  2. Being overweight Sexual performance decreases and in women, eggs do not ovulate regularly. 
  3. Have some type of congenital disease Taking certain medications affects the production of reproductive hormones.
  4. smoking  The nicotine in cigarettes reduces the quality of semen.
  5. Drinking too much alcohol As a result, the quality of semen can be reduced.
  6. Drink beverages containing caffeine If you drink more than 3 glasses a day, you may have more infertility.
  7. Not exercising It will make metabolism worse. and reproductive hormone fluctuations

NAD+ for people preparing to become pregnant.

NAD+ has main functions That is, it helps convert food into energy at the cellular level. When we have complete cellular energy It will promote hormone production. Helps achieve hormonal balance Promote various repairs including the creation of neurotransmitters Having a good hormonal balance makes fertility (Fertility Rate: TFR) better. Therefore, NAD+ is another option for people who want to prepare for pregnancy. As for the dosage of NAD+ or the amount that is made It is recommended that we consult an expert to help plan how many times we should do it. How much is appropriate to do? Both father and mother.

If you let it go, you won't get pregnant. Which side is the cause?

In fact, the cause of infertility is a combination of both. Not from any one person

  • Female Thin uterine walls will cause abnormalities such as failure to ovulate. There is fibrosis in the pelvic cavity or on the uterus. Ovarian tube blockage There is a tumor in the uterus. The condition of the endometrium implants itself in the pelvic cavity is called endometrial hyperplasia. Endometriosis This is often found in women who are infertile, etc.
  • Male side There is an abnormality of sperm, such as low or weak sperm, or an abnormal shape, or even infertility, in which no sperm can be detected in the semen at all.

But there are still some couples who, even after a diagnostic examination, do not find anything abnormal. This group is classified as having unexplained infertility. It is a problem of low reproductive ability. You must get advice from your doctor to help plan for infertility.

Health checkup program for parents, wellness group

For parents who want to take care of themselves and want to check. In order to get the most information, W9 Wellness will recommend programs that you should check as follows:

  1. Hormone balance check To check how your hormone levels are Especially thyroid hormones and sex hormones.
  2. Check vitamin and mineral levels So that we can reinforce it to the point.
  3. Check the balance of microorganisms in the intestines It is a Urine Organic Acid Test, which is a test of the balance of organic substances in our urine. It will let us know the balance of microorganisms. Intestinal fungus And what is the detox process in the body like?
  4. Check inflammation level (inflammation) in the body
  5. Check for hidden food allergies Because when we know what we are allergic to, we can avoid it. It will reduce the inflammatory process in the body.

When you suspect that you are infertile. It is recommended that you come see the doctor early. and check the body both at the same time for medical experts to help evaluate treatment and help plan for infertility This will increase your chances of having children more quickly.

Balancing hormones Increase pregnancy success at W9 Wellness


The important basis for having children comes from good health. W9 focuses on balancing health. Increase your success in conceiving using natural methods. and prepare before undergoing reproductive technology

price ฿59,000.00 baht

NAD+Helps stimulate the metabolism to work more efficiently. Ready to repair various cells throughout the body

price ฿9,000.00 baht

"Chelation therapy" It is the introduction of drugs or chemicals into the body to get rid of heavy metals. It is a treatment that has received standard certification. From the Thai Chelation Medical Association which has research supported by the United States Food and Drug Administration

price ฿7,000.00 baht

Want to have children? It's not difficult. Invite couples to prepare to create family bonds in Wellness style with a package to balance hormones. Increase pregnancy success

price ฿19,800.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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