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Testing for latent food allergies

Food Intolerance Test

Check for hidden allergies in the food we eat every day. Which most people will never know before that their body is allergic to it. until affecting long-term health

One person's simple food can be a serious danger to another.

Food Intolerance

It is an abnormal response of the body's immune system to a particular type of food. This response stimulates the body's immune system to produce antibodies that destroy the proteins in that food. Because the body's immune system understands that “Foreign things” that may be harmful to the body

The antibodies produced by the body will bind to the proteins in that food. Formed into a complex protein and is eliminated from the body But if the body has excessive immune system function This causes the accumulation of this protein complex in various areas. Resulting in chronic adverse reactions such as headaches/migraines, muscle aches. Joint pain, depression, anxiety, and skin irritation can occur.

Food Intolerance

It is considered a starting point to identify the types of foods that cause chronic adverse reactions. By detecting antibodies to food To find the type of food that affects the body and to avoid that type of food correctly

The results of the intolerance test will tell you which foods to avoid. Reduce the amount you eat Or rotate to eat Which should receive advice from a medical expert in terms of alternative foods that can replace the original food. What is the appropriate time to return to eating the same food again when symptoms improve? Including adjusting the food menu to be diverse. so that various systems The body works in balance and at full efficiency.

FIT Test for latent food allergies

It is an analysis of latent allergies to food, food coloring, and food additives, a total of 132 types.

usingSpecial inspection techniques that checks for reactions that occur with bothIgG antibodies and IC-C3d complexes To measure reactions to food and contaminants in these foods, which helpsincrease precision Accurate up to 99.1%  Compared to other latent food allergy testing techniques It measures only the level of the type IgG antibody.

In cases where people with chronic inflammatory bowel problems may cause the Food Intolerance test results to be inaccurate, the FIT test can help reduce this discrepancy.

Misunderstandings about latent food allergy testing

The test for latent food allergies is actually a test for inflammation of the intestinal wall lining. that may have risk factors from food Resulting in toxins or various foreign things creeps into the body Can stimulate an immune response Resulting in inflammation within the body. That manifests itself through symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract, skin, headaches, or chronic conditions that have no known cause. To change eating behavior appropriately But it is not a test to avoid those foods. We will refrain from eating food only as ordered by the doctor. To adjust the intestinal balance to return to normal function faster.

If you have these symptoms that come and go and you can't find the cause. or experience chronic symptoms that never end

Recommended program

Food Intolerance Test It will be a test for latent food allergies from IgG antibodies, which are caused by foods that we often eat. or eat regularly during that time will cause the test result value to be especially high The results of this Food Intolerance test will help us diversify our food intake.

price ฿26,500.00 baht

It is a test for latent food allergies.Use special techniques (ELISA) that checks for reactions that occur with bothIgG antibodies and IC-C3d complexes To measure reactions to foods and contaminants in these foods.

helpincrease precision Accurate up to 99.1%  Compared to other latent food allergy testing techniques It measures only the level of the type IgG antibody.

How is Food Inflammation Test different from Food Intolerance Test? >> Click!!

price ฿34,500.00 baht

Just 1 test, know up to 36 types of allergens.
Blood testing for allergens with high accuracy (Specific lgE testing) along with planning guidelines Lifestyle adjustments based on individual test resultsby expert doctors

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