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Exo Z HAIR Cytokine

Treat hair loss, thinning hair, baldness and make hair thicker within 2-4 months. Inject Exosome Hair, a vitamin for nourishing the hair and scalp that is more modern than stem cell injections.

Hair loss, thinning hair, baldness. Exo Z HAIR Cytokine restores hair cells at the cellular level.

It is believed that the problem of hair loss, thinning hair, baldness is a worrying problem for many people. Whether you are a woman or a man. Because they all create insecurities in their own personalities. This causes many people to lack confidence in socializing or meeting people. These problems can occur for many reasons. Whether it's genetics, hormones, certain diseases such as thyroid disease, accumulated stress. sudden weight loss Not getting enough nutrients

One of the treatment methods that many people may not think of besides hair transplants is Exosome Hair injections, hair and scalp vitamins that are more modern than stem cell injections because Exosome Hair stimulates hair follicle cells. There are Cytokines and Growth factors that act as signals between cells and Micro RNA that helps adjust the function of genes. Stimulate the production of good proteins for cells to return to normal function. Make care and recovery Effective hair repair

Characteristics of hair loss, thinning hair, women and men

  • woman In most cases, you will start to have thinning hair all over your head. It is found mostly in the middle of the scalp and the front hairline.
  • man  It's obvious to most men. Whether it's both temples and the middle of the scalp.

Both women and men mostly start having hair loss problems starting at age 20, or it may start at age 50-60 as well.

ผมร่วง ผมบาง ศีรษะล้าน

What is called abnormal hair loss?

A person can lose an average of 50-100 strands of hair per day, but whenever they feel like they're losing more hair than usual, consecutively for several days You may notice that after waking up, is there a lot of hair falling out on the pillow? Or when cleaning the house or sweeping the house, notice how much hair is falling out.

If you find that the amount of hair falling out has increased more than usual It is recommended to consult a medical professional immediately. In order to help plan treatment and care for the hair so that it becomes thick and hard again.

Working principle of Exosome Hair

Exosome Hair is the addition of biomolecules extracted from stem cells into small sacs called exosomes, which have unique properties in signaling growth and revitalizing hair follicles. Helps in better absorption. Helps increase the function of hair follicle cells. Increase the secretion of substances that help inhair root growth and increases the supply of small blood vessels at the hair roots to make the hairStronger and thicker

Results after Exosome Hair injection

  • Stimulates the creation of new hair follicle cells of hair follicle stem cells.  
  • Revitalizes weak hair and roots. Promoting the creation of new blood vessels
  • Increases the growth of new and old hair roots.
  • Increases blood circulation around the scalp
  • Hair stops falling out within 3-7 days.
  • new soft hair Begins within 1-3 months
  • Hair becomes thicker and stronger.
  • Hair begins to grow in size. and becomes more dense within 2-4 months
  • Reduce gray hair problems
ผมร่วง ผมบาง ศีรษะล้าน

After injectionhair care vitaminscan In 3-7 days, hair will start to stop falling out. And after 1-3 months have passed. WillStartWhen there is soft hair, the hair will start to become denser and stronger than before.

Who should be treated with the Exosome Hair program?

  1. Hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, early to middle stages
  2. Those who are undergoing treatment along with hair transplantation for healthy hair
  3. People who have had their hair transplanted will help nourish the transplanted hair follicles to make them stronger.
  4. People who still don't want to undergo hair transplant surgery

Why must you come to treat hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness at W9 Wellness Center?

If you are looking for an option to treat and care for your hair, whether it be hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, at W9 Wellness we have the Exo Z HAIR Cytokine program that helps nourish the hair to be stronger and thicker within 2-4 days. month, including the addition of vitamins to nourish hair, a unique formula of W9 Wellness, and also a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy machine, pure oxygen 100% that helps slow down the deterioration of the body. 

All of which are under the supervision of a team of specialized medical professionals who will help assess and provide appropriate advice for each individual. Both before and after receiving service Including modern tools and equipment under hospital-level standards.

W9 Wellness Package

Course price for using the service

  •   Price 18,000 baht / 1 time
  •   Price 75,000 baht / 5 times

price ฿18,000.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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