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Hormone Package

Hormone balance testing program, 15 hormone tests, deeper and more comprehensive examination of all main working systems of the body.

Check your hormones. How does hormonal imbalance affect you?

Hormones are endocrine glands that act as messengers within the body. In order for the body to respond well Can work normally Behavioral factors, environment, food, and lifestyle factors affect changes in hormone levels. that is an aid in delivering to various parts body in order to work efficiently

Relationships in terms of development, mind, emotions Repairing health deterioration Delaying aging and delaying illness Transportation of precursor production digestive system function and the body's metabolic system

If hormones are abnormal Or if it is unbalanced, it may affect the work of many parts, which will be affected as well. In the short term, it may not be possible to identify a clear cause. Because it has not yet caused disease But if left for a long time, the body will become tired or get older. less efficient Hormones are therefore the main source of care and balance for health in the first place. To avoid disease, hormone testing is important.

Checklist “Hormonal Imbalance”

Hormonal imbalance It can happen at any age. and often results in abnormalities such as
  • mood swings
  • Can't sleep well Waking up not refreshed
  • Decreased energy, fatigue, no energy
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Decreased metabolism, easy to get fat
  • decreased sexual performance
  • Inflamed acne, skin changes, rough, wrinkled skin.
  • Thin bones, osteoporosis
  • Depression, accumulated stress
  • These adverse reactions come and go with no clear cause.

sex hormones In addition to controlling the reproductive system It also directly affects the regulation of emotions, feelings, energy levels, creativity, inspiration, and stress management. Including the quality of sleep which affects the relationship Work efficiency and every activity in daily life This can be known by measuring hormone levels.

ifHormones are out of balanceChronic for a long period of time It may be one of the causes of fatigue, exhaustion, depression, or insomnia. Hormonal balance is therefore considered an important factor.Affects both physical and mental health.


Check hormones to find the root cause of the imbalance in health problems.

A level of hormonal balance in our body is essential. Because each hormone depends on each other. Makes our bodies work together systematically by an imbalance of just 1-2 hormones It may cause various abnormal conditions or symptoms. related to hormones, such as a decrease in the metabolism of the body The amount of fat accumulated in the body increases. Difficulty sleeping, easily irritated, depressed Dry, dull skin, not bright, sexual desire decreased. Therefore, important hormones should be checked and hormone levels adjusted to balance again.

What is the difference between male hormones and female hormones?

Men's and women's hormones are both similar and different. which are similar, such as insulin, thyroid, growth hormone, or hormones from the adrenal glands But the difference is the sex hormones that men have.testosteronewe call it Testosterone while women havefemale hormoneswe call it Estrogen and Progesterone

How do you know which hormone your body is lacking?

Currently, hormone levels are measured to find out which hormones the body is lacking. Passed a blood test whether Testing for thyroid hormones and sex hormones To check the level of activity of which hormones the body produces less. Or has it been discontinued when it gets older? It may start by observing your own body. Or you can consult a medical professional to measure hormone levels.

Who should check hormones in the body?


Measuring actual hormone levels Then there is no need to check everyone. But would recommend it to people with health problems. or have abnormal physical conditions, such as menopause, age 40 years and up, mood swings period pain Depressed cannot sleep Obese I have chronic acne. decreased sexual desire Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night For unknown reasons, etc. because measuring hormone levels in the body will allow for precise treatment planning. In order to know which hormones have decreased You will be prepared to cope and take better care of yourself.

Things received from the hormone balance program examination

  • Helps to know the levels of important hormones in the body.
  • If an unbalance is found You will receive proper care and rehabilitation at the point.
  • There are expert doctors who provide advice closely. and appropriate for each individual
  • Change your lifestyle to suit us.
  • Hormone replacement to compensate for the deficiency
  • There is continuous follow-up.

Balancing hormones Create a sustainable balance of good health with us.

Our medical team is specialized in holistic hormone balancing. WWellness Center Ready to give you advice in terms of adjusting lifestyle habits. Eating Exercise correctly Including the use of vitamin supplements and the safe use of hormone replacement therapy (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy) To restore balance to your health

W9 Hormone Package

Holistic hormone balancing program for corrective restoration at the point For delaying aging and decay Call back to youthfulness again.


price ฿19,800.00 baht

Program to analyze the balance of 7 sex hormones that are necessary for the body's performance. Balancing sex hormones is therefore important to the nervous system. Emotion regulation, sleep, sexual performance Including the body's energy generation system

price ฿6,900.00 baht

Hormone balance analysis program that are necessary for the body's performance Important to the nervous system Emotion regulation, sleep, sexual performance Including the body's energy generation system

price ฿6,900.00 baht

Balance hormones for a better married life Program to analyze the balance of 7 sex hormones that are necessary for the body's performance.

price ฿6,900.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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