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Hair loss, thinning hair to the point where the scalp can be clearly seen. Do hair loss medicines work?

We cannot deny that 'Hairstyle affects appearance' and can also help the face look youthful and healthy. But when there is a problem of thinning hair in the middle of the head Or your hair is so thin that you lack confidence. 'Medicine' is often the first solution. that most people think of Today we will take everyone to get to know how to cure hair loss. Different types of thin hair Ready to answer questions about hair loss medicine. Will it work when used?

Get to know the helpers to help relieve the 'hair loss, thinning hair' crisis.

Causes of hair loss problems Thinning hair that is often found comes from genetics. hormone Fungus on the scalp Including patchy hair loss caused byimmune systemGoes into and destroys hair follicle cells together with stress and certain vaccines, etc. From these factors, each person has different severity of problems. Which using hair loss medicine is suitable for people who have hair loss problems. Some hair is in the initial stages (levels 1-2) where the hair roots are still alive and growing.

Nowadays, we often hear stories about products that help reduce hair loss. Thinning hair in various forms such as

  • Hair loss medicine, topical medicine and hair growth medicine For those who have problems in the initial stages or hair loss due to genetics
  • Products to reduce hair loss and care for the scalp, such as shampoo, conditioner, and serum for those who have problems with fungus and scalp inflammation. 

This should be under the guidance of a medical professional. To avoid side effects from unnecessary medication.

Using medicine to treat hair loss by itself, will it work?

Currently, there is no research supporting that medicine can cure hair loss. Or general hair growth medicine can actually solve the problem of hair loss and thinning hair for those who buy hair loss medicine or hair growth medicine to use on their own. You should check the FDA number and the reliability of the product carefully. Because in addition to not seeing results Other side effects may also occur. In addition, each person's hair loss and thinning factors have different starting causes. The best way is to consult and see a doctor. To detect the true cause of hair loss and thinning hair. and solve problems directly.

How to cure hair loss and thinning hair in medicine

Because hair thinning solutions require a continuous treatment period (at least 6 months), the doctor will select the appropriate hair loss and thinning treatment methods. According to the nature of the problem in order to solve the problem according to the cause:

  1. Use oral or topical medicine to treat hair loss. Suitable for people who have hereditary thinning hair problems. and is in the beginning-medium stage Including those who have problemsHair loss from hormones This should allow the doctor to closely monitor symptoms and results.
  2. doing PRP By extracting protein substances from patient platelets. Comes in to help repair, stimulate and restore hair follicle cells.
  3. Injection of vitamins from stem cells or Exo Z Hair Cytokine Important biomolecules and important proteins To help restore the creation of new cells in the hair roots, including pigment and the ecosystem of the hair and scalp.

Maintenance of hair health Exo Z Hair Cytokine It will help adjust the functioning of the hair follicle cells. Including the tissue around the hair roots ready for growth. With the main components from MicroRNA and Biological compounds. 

  • Suitable for people who have problems with thinning hair due to heredity, health conditions, malnutrition or stress.
  • Can be used by people who have problems with hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness in the early to middle stages.
  • Those who have planted Can be used to help nourish the transplanted hair follicle cells to make them stronger.

Hair loss and thinning hair still have a chance to be fixed. But you must use calmness to fight. Plus a solution that goes directly to the real cause. and to get effective results This is the answer to why we should find a way to fix hair loss and thinning hair together with an expert.

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