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Program to check vitamin levels in the body, 10 items

Analysis of vitamin content and antioxidants in the blood, a total of 10 items to supplement vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants Exactly as your body needs Promotes the body to work more balanced and efficiently.

price ฿8,500.00 baht

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Program to check vitamin levels in the body

🧪 Program to check vitamin levels necessary for the body. Check the balance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Because vitamins and minerals are essential organic substances. To life, it is important for the normal functioning of our body. for the body to function in balance andThe body cannot create or synthesize vitamins on its own. Therefore, vitamins can only be obtained from food or dietary supplements.

👫 This program is suitable for

General public over 18 years of age
✅ People who want to know the levels of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body. and necessary for the immune system
✅ People who are easily fatigued, get sick easily, have frequent colds, or have allergy-like symptoms.
✅ People who do not eat all 5 food groups or are vegetarian.

Check your body balance with the vitamin checking program 💊

🔬 It is a measurement of vitamin content. and antioxidants that are necessary for the body 10 items Which affects the body's functioning in many systems and helps prevent the risk of disease. Measuring the levels of these vitaminsIt makes us aware of what vitamins our body lacks. In order to be able to choose to supplement that vitamin that our body lacks exactly at the point. To promote the body Able to work with balance

Checklist 👩‍⚕

Wellness Consultation Physical examination and consultation by a doctor
Body Composition Analysis Measuring body proportions
Vitamin A (HPLC) Measure vitamin A levels
Vitamin C (HPLC) Measure vitamin C levels
Vitamin E (HPLC) Measure vitamin E levels
Gamma Tocopherol Check vitamin E gamma levels
Beta Carotene Check beta-carotene levels
Alpha Carotene Measure alpha-carotene levels
Coenzyme Q10 (HPLC) Check coenzyme Q10 levels
Lycopene Check lycopene levels
Lutein + Zeaxanthin Measure Lutein + Zeaxanthin levels
Beta-Cryptoxanthin Check beta-cryptoxanthine levels

Conditions for receiving service 
    • Stop taking any vitamins or dietary supplements you are taking at least 3 days before receiving the service.
    • We reserve the right to change conditions without prior notice.
    • The above service fee includes doctor's fee and nursing fee.
    • Make an appointment before receiving service.
    • Waiting time for test results: 2 weeks

Service branches

  • Praram 9 Hospital Branch
    • Phone number: 092-9936922
    • Line: @w9wellness
    • Opening-closing hours: 08.00 – 17.00 hrs.
  • Ploenchit Center branch
    • Phone number: 099-4969626
    • Line: @wploenchit
    • Opening-closing hours: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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