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Allergy Support

Allergy Support: Vitamins that help boost immunity, colds, and help reduce various allergy symptoms. Suitable for people who are easily sick, easily allergic, and need to urgently boost their immune system.


Suitable for: People who want to strengthen the body's immune system, allergies, rashes

price ฿7,000.00 baht

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Allergy iv drip

Vitamins strengthen the body's immune system from within. Helps stimulate the work of immune system cells and maintain health. Reduce the risk of illness, colds, allergies, and help relieve symptoms of illness to heal faster.

Benefits of giving Vitamin IV Drip
    • Can be absorbed into the body more than 90%
    • You can avoid taking large amounts of vitamins.
    • Vitamins that enter the body can be used immediately.
    • Adds moisture to the body directly
    • Refresh Reduce fatigue
    • Increase the efficiency of the immune system

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**You can choose to mix formulas for the same price. Under the guidance of a doctor

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Conditions for receiving service:
    • No need to abstain from water and food before receiving the service.
    • W9 Wellness reserves the right to change conditions without prior notice.
    • The above service fee already includes doctor's fee and nursing fee.
    • Please call to make an appointment before using the service.
    • Service time: 40-60 minutes

Service branches

  • Praram 9 Hospital Branch
    • Phone number: 092-9936922
    • Line: @w9wellness
    • Opening-closing hours: 08.00 – 17.00 hrs.
  • Ploenchit Center branch
    • Phone number: 099-4969626
    • Line: @wploenchit
    • Opening-closing hours: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Other packages and promotions

Immune Booster, vitamin formula to strengthen the immune system. Strengthen the body's defenses from the inside down to the cellular level.

Suitable for: People who want to strengthen the body's immune system Not healthy Frequently tired, easily inflamed

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Megadose Vitamin C is concentrated vitamin C combined with many other nutrients that help enhance the effect of vitamin C in restoring and boosting our immune system. Ready to fight against various pollution nowadays

Suitable for: People who lack vitamin C, have poor absorption, do not eat fruit, and want to receive concentrated vitamin C to boost the skin and protect against free radicals. Strong both skin and body

price ฿7,000.00 baht

Curcumin Vitamin IV Drip, a treasure trove of nature, has strong anti-inflammatory effects. It is a highly effective dietary supplement.

price ฿12,000.00 baht