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Urgent help with skin vitamins Restore your body's systems with pure vitamins. Concentrated formula. More absorbable than 90%. Can be used immediately.

Vitamin IV Drip

Vitamin drip is the administration of vitamins through a saline solution. It is a new way of taking care of your health that is becoming very trendy among women, celebs, and even celebrities. It is another social activity that is very popular right now.

No more worries about poor absorption and don't want to take medicine.

Program to supplement vitamins into the body: Vitamin IV Drip, a quick helper of skin vitamins. Restore the body's systems with pure vitamins, concentrated formulas through the saline route. Helps the body to carry various vitamins and antioxidants. Can be used fully without having to go through the process of digestion and absorption

  • Solve problems from toxins and pollution that have accumulated inside
  • A state of little rest, stress, tiredness, and fatigue.
  • Helps the functioning of the metabolic system
  • Strengthen the immune system Your body needs more vitamins than you know.
  • Balancing the entire system to resist degeneration, delay aging

Receiving vitamin drip and nutrients through Vitamin IV Drip, the body will be able to absorb them quickly. Absorbed up to 100% and can penetrate into the body immediately while eating or applying nourishing cream The body can only absorb 10%, so it does not help restore the body as desired. Various nutrients like amino acids and many types of vitamins when it must pass into the digestive system It may cause gas or stomach pain and many other problems. While giving nutrients through Vitamin IV Drip will not cause those side effects.

That's why Vitamin IV Drip is so popular overseas. Especially the star group Famous and current celebrities in Thailand It is becoming popular and tends to receive more and more attention from health lovers continuously.

Procedure for making Vitamin IV Drip

Giving vitamins using the Vitamin IV Drip method is convenient and hassle-free. The doctor will take a history. and physical examination In order to give advice or vitamin drip formulas that are appropriate for each patient. While doing the IV Drip, the patient can do various activities that they like, such as reading books, surfing social media, etc. During the service, there will be nurses waiting to come and check the condition throughout the service. When all the vitamins have been given The nurse will come and remove the IV line. This concludes the Vitamin IV Drip process. After that, you can go home.

Benefits of giving Vitamin IV Drip

  • The body will be able to absorb it quickly, absorbing up to 100%.
  • can enter the body and can be put to use immediately
  • Reduce symptoms of fatigue from living and working.
  • Increase the body's immunity
  • Make your skin white and bright. Perfect skin health
  • Helps recover after exercise or muscle injury.

W9 Wellness Center Service available Vitamin IV Drip Various formulas that answer health problems are ready.Serving more than 10 recipes Allowing you to choose to take care of your health according to your needs in many aspects, whether it be detoxification Restoring and strengthening immunity, nourishing the brain, increasing metabolism. Nourish beautiful skin from within Including also providing servicesIndividual formula (Personalized Formula) To meet the highest needs as well

  • airline, travel airline 
    Those who travel frequently, don't let your body break down. Jet lag is not just an annoyance. If you endure it for a long time, it can have a negative effect on your health.

Recommended formula Jet lag / Brain Booster

  • SMART line
    A group of working people and executives use a lot of their brains. They need to take care of each other a bit. Strengthens the functioning of the nervous system and brain increase memory And helps the brain to be clear and think and work more smoothly.

Recommended formula: Brain Booster

  • Beautiful line
    Women are always paired with beauty. But how to be beautiful permanently? You have to nourish it from within to be beautiful, clear and with an aura.

Recommended formula Secret Blink / Revitalized & Bright Skin

  • Party line
    Party hard, drink a lot, the liver must be ready to strengthen the liver. Helps the liver detoxify as well.

Recommended formula: Liver Detox

  • Allergy line
    The weather changes a little and you lose. It's easy to catch a cold and it's hard to get better. If you encounter dust, you can't stop sneezing. Problems that people with allergies must face create a protective shield Relieve allergy symptoms with a vitamin boost to strengthen the immune system.

Recommended formula Immune booster / Megadose Vitamin C

  • Urban people
    Because of city life So have to face pollution. both dust and smoke We take in toxins every day without realizing it. We have to take it out.

Recommended formula: Urban Detox / Chelation

  • fragile line
    If you feel chronically tired Wake up and not feel refreshed. It's afternoon and I'm tired. Even though I slept for more than 6 hours, I was still exhausted. You may be lacking energy. or are in a condition where essential vitamins and minerals are not balanced

Recommended formula: Power Recharge 

  • People who want to be thin
    Want to have a proportional figure? Exercise and diet are important. And if there is a help to increase fat burning and strengthen muscles at the same time It will help your body shape adjustment to see more obvious results.

Recommended formula: Fat Burner

  • I can't sleep.
    For people who want to restore their sleep health Solving the problem of insomnia Helps balance minerals and neurotransmitters. To ensure quality sleep

Recommended formula: Sleep Better

  • Recovery line after infection
    Shortcut to maintaining health and rehabilitating the body after being infected with COVID-19 Get your body back strong quickly.

Recommended formula W9 Post-COVID / Ozone Therapy

  • Special line, individual formula 
    Personalized vitamin formula (Personalized Formula) according to test results or as advised by a medical professional. To solve the problem exactly where the body needs it most

Why Vitamin IV Drip at W9 Wellness Center?

  • The vitamin drip formula was developed by a doctor specializing in anti-aging medicine.
  • Services provided by specialist doctors and nurses with expertise in giving intravenous vitamins
  • Use equipment and medicines that meet hospital standards.
  • The place is private and of hospital-level standards.

Enhance vitamin drip levels Completed in one go With a special formula of vitamins W9 Wellness More than 12 recipes Revealing beauty from the inside out No need to worry about residue. along with increasing the efficiency of cell performancein the body very well within 40-60 minutes only

Vitamin IV Drip formula of W9 Wellness Center

Immune Booster, vitamin formula to strengthen the immune system. Strengthen the body's defenses from the inside down to the cellular level.

Suitable for: People who want to strengthen the body's immune system Not healthy Frequently tired, easily inflamed

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Fat Burner, a vitamin formula that is loved by many people. Helps increase fat burning Increase efficiency in weight loss even further

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Treating and taking care of the root cause of insomnia problems Focus on balancing the health of the body

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Intravenous multivitamin and antioxidant program Makes the body feel refreshed animated This is because of the vitamins that fill the energy cycle at the cellular level. And antioxidants can also help delay aging.

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Shortcuts to health therapy and body rejuvenation Ready to urgently restore the immune system

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Intravenous vitamin program To promote the removal of toxins and various pollutants from the body better.

Suitable for: city dweller Various pollutants accumulate in the body.

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Tips for radiance With vitamin formula to collect skin nutrients Fulfill the needs of the skin Revitalize the skin from within Make your skin radiant and have an aura.

Suitable for: People who want to take care of their skin Soothe dull skin from long-term pollution. To maintain brightness and better health

price ฿5,000.00 baht

Liver Detox, vitamin formula to nourish the liver. Helps to expel toxins Restore the liver to be strong. Especially in people who drink alcohol, party often, or have high levels of fatty liver, Liver Detox helps the liver to work better.

Suitable for: Those who get little rest Have fatty liver and likes to socialize

price ฿7,000.00 baht

"Chelation therapy" It is the introduction of drugs or chemicals into the body to get rid of heavy metals. It is a treatment that has received standard certification. From the Thai Chelation Medical Association which has research supported by the United States Food and Drug Administration

price ฿7,000.00 baht

Megadose Vitamin C is concentrated vitamin C combined with many other nutrients that help enhance the effect of vitamin C in restoring and boosting our immune system. Ready to fight against various pollution nowadays

Suitable for: People who lack vitamin C, have poor absorption, do not eat fruit, and want to receive concentrated vitamin C to boost the skin and protect against free radicals. Strong both skin and body

price ฿7,000.00 baht

Brain Booster, vitamin formula for nourishing the brain Strengthen memory Reduce symptoms of brain fatigue Helps make the brain clear and think more easily.

Suitable for: People who have to think constantly or have memory problems, forgetfulness

price ฿7,000.00 baht

Allergy Support: Vitamins that help boost immunity, colds, and help reduce various allergy symptoms. Suitable for people who are easily sick, easily allergic, and need to urgently boost their immune system.


Suitable for: People who want to strengthen the body's immune system, allergies, rashes

price ฿7,000.00 baht

Hangover vitamins that help detox the liver Helps expel alcohol from the body Suitable for people who suffer from hangovers, hangovers, and wake up not feeling refreshed.

price ฿7,000.00 baht

Take care of your skin health Rehabilitate the structure Accelerate and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Makes the skin firm and not sagging.

Suitable for: People who want to repair their skin to make it firmer and firmer. People who can't take care of their skin properly. I don't have time to take care of myself. To revive the skin urgently

price ฿7,000.00 baht

NAD+Helps stimulate the metabolism to work more efficiently. Ready to repair various cells throughout the body

price ฿9,000.00 baht

Curcumin Vitamin IV Drip, a treasure trove of nature, has strong anti-inflammatory effects. It is a highly effective dietary supplement.

price ฿12,000.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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