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Not losing weight. The real cause may be a hormonal imbalance.

Hormones are chemicals that the body uses to communicate with each other. To control the body's balance in all systems. Including the metabolic system. One important factor in obesity that we know is Hormone Imbalance That results in many people not losing weight.

Almost every type of hormone in the body It has almost no effect on the metabolism and obesity.hormonal balance loss Whether it's too much or too little It may be caused by some genetic factors. together with another part of the lifestyle such as Chronic stress, lack of sleep, loss of nutrient and vitamin balance infectious inflammation or even accumulated toxins from the environment All of them affect metabolism. Energy expenditure, hunger, satiety, appetite Accumulation of fat both inside the abdomen (Visceral Fat) and outside the abdomen. Which, in turn, can lead to obesity. Obesity itself can cause hormones to become unbalanced as well. (Vicious Cycle) makes many people never lose weight.


Believe it or not, in today's era we are seeing an increase in childhood obesity. In addition to genetics and behavior, new research has found that chemical contamination Especially phthalates, which areChemicals that are commonly used in plastic products such as PVC, plastic, and foam are all obesity-causing substances. (Obesogens) especially in children Because it stimulates inflammation. Disturbs the fatty acid balance Causes more fat accumulation.

For those in working age Stress from heavy work little rest as well as lack of sleep for long periods of time in the beginning Some people are thinner, some people are fatter. This is partly due to genetic differences in metabolic responses (SNPs) and partly due to how the body is born.Adapting to cope and fight stress, both physical and mental. In the beginning, the body's metabolism seems to be higher. But as time passes, the body will gradually Eventually adapting to chronic stress. In the long run, the body's adaptation mechanisms may not be able to compensate in time. until a condition called Adrenal Fatigue Which may ultimately be the cause of obesity.


enoughWomen are starting to approach menopause. (Perimenopause) In addition to hot flashes and bone mass has decreased Many people will feel a change in their body weight that is harder to control. Result of sex hormones both estrogen hormones and progesterone But it's not just women, really. And men have menopause (Andropause) It just might happen a little more slowly. When testosterone levels (Testosterone) that falls also results in a decreased metabolism level. This is a factor that makes it more difficult for us to control our weight even though we eat the same amount as before.

Another important problem is Hormone balance also affects how muscle is built and broken down. Especially people who don't exercise often. When too much muscle is lost (Sarcopenia), strength decreases and it becomes difficult to sit up and walk. The chance of slipping and falling increases. Resulting in a worse quality of life

It can be seen that Changes in hormonal balance at any age affect difficulty. in controlling obesity and losing weight almost entirely holistic weight loss (Holistic Weight Management) in this modern era Begin to focus on screening for hormone balance. in weight loss program Especially in cases where behavior modification has failed. I'm controlling my diet. I'm exercising. What do I do but the weight still doesn't come off? You can try checking your hormone balance.

book Healthitude happiness (Udom)motto
Dr. Pichak Wongwisit (Dr. Bai)

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