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It's not that I don't love you, I just feel different! 4 reasons why girls that makes love emotionless

How can love without emotion be happy? Because happiness in bed is a big issue in married life. And the problem that can happen to all girls, but most don't dare to reveal is Feeling of sexual apathy In fact, the feeling of love and affection is a natural part of our lives. Even girls at a young age can become sexually inactive. Many people may choose to solve their problems by taking drugs that increase the mood of love. But that is only a short-term solution and is not natural. Today, W9 Wellness has an answer that may help solve that problem. From the root cause (Root Cause) to the ladies as a way to solve the problem. By balancing female hormones

“I love you, but I'm not interested in bed activities. emotionless No need, bored.” These symptoms can occur from 4 factors within the body which should not be left on for a long time until it becomes a chronic problem


1. Lower sex hormone levels In a girl's body there will betestosterone hormone (Testosterone) or testosterone, andThe hormone estrogen (Estrogen) or female hormones The lower testosterone levels As a result, women's sexual desire can decrease. As for lower estrogen levels, It will result in the production of vaginal secretions decreasing as well. When the sister is dry Things in bed can become boring for women who have been using birth control pills for a long time. May cause both female and male hormone levels to decrease. Therefore, it may cause such problems.

foradrenal hormonesToo high or too low due to stress is another factor. This is due to unbalanced adrenal hormones. It will cause the metabolism in the body to be abnormal. The body can't control sugar very well for girls. Having more weight over time, the extra weight will cause inflammation in the body. which contributes to not having sexual feelings or less as well

2. Blood vessel abnormalities Blood vessels are related to every organ in the body. By sweet drinks or snacks that girls like but are full of bad sugar that causes weight gain. Risk of diabetes And it also results in chronic inflammation of the blood vessels. Girls with poor circulatory systems Therefore, it may result in insufficient blood supply to the vagina. Causing my sister pain and not being able to reach the finish line.

3. Nerves Another factor that affects the response to sexual arousal. is the nerve Eating too much sugar can also damage the nerves. As for other causes that affect abnormal nerve endings areVitamin deficiency For example, vitamins B2, B6 and B12 make the amino acid called homocysteine. (Homocysteine) in the body is high, causing waste to accumulate in the body and creating inflammation in the blood vessels. It has a direct effect on the nervous system.

4.Psychological aspect Some women may have past events that cause them to not have sexual desire. Or if you currently have a mental and emotional state that has changed, such as stress. have symptoms of depression or lack of confidence in one's own body It might make the girls Want to avoid bedtime activities?

Not in the mood for sex, what should I do? 

Balancing female hormones How to make girls Stop worrying about this. is to solve the problem from the root cause (Root Cause) that will help things in bed be more natural in the long run, such as

  • Hormonal balanceIn the body, this may be achieved by increasing estrogen, a form of E3, which helps with hydration and reduces dryness. including various hormone levels in the body that is related to the lack of sexual feelings in girls 
  • Add pure oxygeninto the body adequately To help improve the blood circulation system in the body. and also increases metabolism efficiency Stimulate the work of various systems Allow the body to repair worn-out parts more effectively. Including helping to slow down aging as well.
  • Nutrition planning (Nutrition) due to lack of vitamins and minerals Affects the process of hormone synthesis and hormone transport. It can cause the hormonal system to function abnormally. Or you may increase your intake of foods that contain fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, K, which help with dry skin. It can reduce the dryness and itching of my sister. and may be supplemented with foods containing vitamins that help with the functioning of the nervous system. The levels of vitamins in the body vary from person to person.
  • Detoxification (Toxic) leave the body Because if the girls' bodies Exposure to excessive toxins or pollution for a long time and the body cannot completely remove toxins Until causing inflammation of the nervous system and affecting long-term health Including skin problems that may cause girls to Lose confidence

Anxiety that arises in every part of the body Even the feelings of love and affection must be known at the root cause. Which must be examined by a specialist doctor. The doctor will diagnose and cover various factors. For targeted treatment and good results for girls in the long term, along with receiving accurate and appropriate advice for the individual. Until the follow-up where the doctor will adjust the balance of various systems. of the body periodically so that the girls will have a better love mood and have sexual well-being forever.

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