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Stressed until the body is in trouble If you don't drink coffee and you don't have energy?

Stressed until the body is in trouble Without coffee, you have no energy?


"Adrenal Fatigue" It is believed that many working people have had to deal with the problem of accumulated stress to the point where the body is unable to take anything else. Can't concentrate on work or stressed to the point of being unable to handle the situation in front of you This causes the efficiency of working during the day to decrease to the point of having to rely on a stimulant to stimulate the body, such as coffee. When you have to drink coffee every day The body starts to become addicted. Or some people may even increase the number of glasses they drink from 1 glass to 2 glasses per day to help the body stay awake.

But you know...that's a signal from the body that is warning us that The stress area within us is about to explode. Because the efficiency of controlling stress in our body is lower due to the “Adrenal fatigue”

Check to see if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue?

  • Check to see if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue?
  • In the morning I was tired and had no energy.
  • In the late morning, I started to feel sleepy and wanted to lie down and rest.
  • In the evening, I come back rejuvenated. 
  • Can't sleep at night Decreased sleep quality

The stress area of our body is limited. which is controlled by the adrenal glands that produceshormonevery importantCortisol (Cortisol hormone) It has the effect of helping the body wake up every morning. Makes us feel refreshed and ready to work and still produceDHEA hormone That plays an important role in the creation of sex hormones. Affects emotional control But when our work involves daily stress and we are unable to deal with that stress. or have a lifestyle that requires heavy physical use Until it causes accumulated stress, fatigue, lack of energy, so you can't stop drinking coffee. But drinking too much coffee can be harmful in the long run. 

“Try changing to increasing your energy with Adaptogens or extracts from 5 types of organic natural ginseng that have many research supports that Can help balance the body and nourish the brain.
and restores the adrenal glands in the long term, with few negative effects and greatly nourishing the body.”

When the adrenal glands return to work efficiently It will increase the stress area of the body. Relieve stress when we can't handle the stress we face. and results in various beneficial effects on the body, such as

  • Reduce fatigue Helps increase energy for the body
  • Adjust your mood. Reduce stress and mood swings. Helps the body to wake up.
  • It makes us better at dealing with problems.
  • Increase brain function during the day
  • Helps us stay awake The body responds better.
  • Makes you concentrate and be more efficient in thinking and working
  • Nourish the blood circulation system Metabolic system works better

Adrenal glands don't get tired. Have energy during the day without having to rely on coffee anymore...

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