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I don't want to get fat. You need to balance your intestines with probiotics.

Microbes in the gut control fat metabolism. When the microorganisms in the intestines are out of balance? There will be chronic inflammation throughout the body. and leads to obesity and insulin resistance. We can reduce belly fat by balancing the intestines.

Reducing belly fat is not difficult, just balance the microorganisms in the intestines.

Metabolic obesity or Metabolic syndrome is a group of diseases caused by abnormal metabolism. Causes obese people to accumulate fat in the waist area. Or an excessive amount of abdominal cavity, easily observed by a waist circumference greater than or equal to 80 centimeters in women. and greater than or equal to 90 centimeters in men Belly obesity This increases the risk of developing diabetes. This is because these fats are broken down into free fatty acids which enter the liver. Resulting in insulin not working well. Insulin resistance occurs Increases the risk of developing diabetes. high blood pressure Including heart disease and blood vessels which has a negative effect on many body systems

Factors that cause abdominal obesity

Most of them are caused by daily living habits. Whether it's eating foods that are high in energy, eating sweet, fatty, salty foods, or living a comfortable life. lack of exercise Using certain drugs such as psychiatric drugs, anticonvulsants, insulin, steroids, and maintaining the balance of microorganisms in the body If the microorganisms in the body are left unbalanced for a long time, it will cause the body's metabolic system to be impaired. Makes it more difficult to lose weight or gain weight. Maintaining the balance of microorganisms in the intestines is therefore equally important in reducing belly fat.

Why gut microbes are related to obesity

There are two important types of intestinal microbes: Firmicutes and Bacteroides. An experiment in the laboratory of Professor Gordon (Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD) of the University of Washington, USA, found that the fatter twin had more Firmicutes in their colon than the leaner twin. Later, Professor Gordon had another volunteer who was obese. He required volunteers to eat a low-calorie diet and exercise. When the body weight decreased, it was found that 'Fermicutes microorganisms' that often appear in the intestines of obese people 'The number has decreased' This is another reason to confirm that 'Microorganisms affect body weight'

Normally, the human body has a large number of microorganisms. And the types of intestinal microorganisms related to obesity include Clostridium innocuum, Eubacterium dolichum, Catenibacterium mitsuokai, Lactobacillus reuteri, Lactobacillus sakei, Actinobacteri. This results in the metabolism and weight control of each person being different. Choosing to supplement with probiotics should therefore be supplemented according to your own body. Because each person needs different microorganisms.

Probiotics and weight loss, belly and excess fat.

In addition to adjusting eating habits Exercise One thing that should not be neglected is balancing the intestines. Because each body needs different types of microorganisms. Selecting probiotic supplements without knowing the species. or does not match the balance of one's own microorganisms It may cause you to not see the results after taking it. Therefore, testing to know the names of the microbial species is useful in helping to supplement probiotics to suit your own body (Personalized Probiotics) including the proportion that should be consumed for each person is therefore important in order to reduce belly fat.

Body weight control package and excess fat


Check for risks and people with health problems as follows

  • impaired metabolism
  • Accumulated fat in the abdomen
  • insulin resistance
  • Overweight
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Fatty liver
  • Too many substances that bacteria produce to protect themselves.

Who is it suitable for?

  • People who are overweight
  • People who have problems with high fat metabolism
  • People with high blood sugar, insulin resistance, diabetes.
  • People at risk for cardiovascular disease
  • People who like to eat sweet, fatty, red meat, processed foods regularly.
“Because 90% cells in the body are microbial cells. And the microorganisms in each person's body are different. Want to be healthy You should supplement with probiotics that best suit your body.”

Recommended program

Package level: in-depth intestinal balance check in order to supplement with probiotics that the body lacks. It will help solve the problem more directly.

price ฿19,000.00 baht

Package level: in-depth intestinal balance check in order to supplement with probiotics that the body lacks. It will help solve the problem more directly.

price ฿19,000.00 baht

Package level: in-depth intestinal balance check in order to supplement with probiotics that the body lacks. It will help solve the problem more directly.

price ฿19,000.00 baht

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