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Genetic Counseling

Help unlock the genetic secrets of the body which is unique to each person

Know before you can prevent it. DNA tells the disease.

Why do some people get sick easily? Why do some people not respond when they take medicine? or have an allergic reaction to the drug Why do some people exercise more easily than others to get injured?Gain weightSimple, some of these differences are influenced by genetic factors. How good would it be if weYou can predict your own health in advance. What diseases are likely to be at risk? Or are there any serious diseases that are hidden within us?There is no need to draw blood.To hurt myself

DNA, the secret code that unlocks who we are

In this world, no one is the same because everyone has "Blueprint" Their own DNA decoding can be used for medical benefits and individual health care, from choosing the right lifestyle, such as adjusting the food you eat, receivingVitamin supplements or adjust the programexercisein order to achieve the goals efficiently to find out the risk of disease in order to "prevent" before "treat" directly to the point


genetic codevirtualhuman blueprint Cells have abnormal genetic code. It will cause disease that has a genetic abnormality. The acquisition of genetic material from the family. It's through DNA. Have a disease caused byCommon genetic factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure. High blood fat Dementia from Alzheimer's But these diseases have external and environmental factors as well. DNA This makes it easier to increase your chances of getting certain diseases. Having a plan and having knowledge of your own physical limitations willHelps delay the onset of diseaseThese are possible.


Benefits obtained after DNA To look at genes, it can be analyzed in terms of protection. Eating foods that are good for our health helps to have a beneficial effect on the disease we are suffering from. If you face any disease There it is, analysis. This will help achieve excellent treatment results. allowing us toPlan care and use Life in terms of protectionFor example, If we examine jeans It was found that there was a very high risk of diabetes. We can design our lifestyle and food consumption to suit the chance of disease. Because if we didn't know before and didn't pay attention to taking care of ourselves, old life style That is at risk will cause illness and have to pay expenses. Paying to care for those diseases is unavoidable. 

Knowing your own genetic code will help you.Can design a lifestyle (Lifestyle) and use of medicine that is suitable for you.for good health and happy with living life

DNA makes each of us different. Taking care of our bodies must therefore be different. W9 Wellness will help reveal information about you down to the DNA level.that even you may not have known before To take self-care to the next level

What you will receive after a DNA test

  • Report your genetic decoding results.
  • Consult the test results with a specialist.
  • Lifestyle adjustment plan for better health after the examination
  • Special offers and additional services from our partners

1. Just abstain from water and food. At least 30 minutes before the test. You can easily do the test yourself at home. 

2. Collect DNA samples from saliva. finished within 2-3 minute

3. Answer the questionnaire on Behavior and health Now we will know what diseases we are at risk for. So that we can prevent it in advance before such diseases occur.

Why do you have to choose a DNA test? Medical-graded DNA testing?

The study found that 881 TP3T patients were found to be at high risk of developing breast cancer. cannot be detected from direct-to-consumer DNA test !!

Therefore, doctors, specialists, geneticists and scientists Therefore, you should be careful in selecting and receiving advice from examinations that have been certified to a high standard. (See the difference between Medical-graded and Direct-to-Consumer You can see it in the picture below.

Origin Direct-to-consumer genetic testing: advantages and pitfalls

Start offering DNA testing as part of your clinic's services today. Choose a partner for medical-grade DNA testing from Genfosis with next-level standards. Ready to guarantee End-to-End solution services for medical centers with standards like yours.

Genfosis, a DNA testing startup, looks at risks so you can manage them while you're healthy. Emphasis on prevention before treatment, DNA testing at more than 700,000 locations

Innovation in DNA testing for individuals

Detects DNA patterns from the machine with greater accuracy than the 99%. Saliva sample collection service.
Analyzed with a world-class lab American Standards analyzes over 700,000 DNA loci, more than 23,000 genes, calculated with an algorithm based on ethnicity. Exclusive to GenPhosis only.

Accurate from reporting DNA results down to the gene level.

Lifestyle Report

Diet & Nutrition
exercise injury
Skin & Beauty
stress and sleep
sexual health
Mental condition and health pollution

Health Report

Risk and severity of infectious diseases
Drug intolerance, efficacy and absorption
Risk of diseases of the nervous system and brain
Risk of common diseases: kidney disease, gout, SLE
Risk of cardiovascular disease

Family Planning

Hereditary cancer
Hereditary heart disease
Family Planning

Genetic analysis package

W9 Health Package, a program to detect the risk of disease such as heart disease and stroke. Nervous system and brain, cancer and others, 277+ items

price ฿29,000.00 baht

W9 Premium Package, a program to detect the risk of disease and examinations to adjust individual lifestyles to be most suitable for ourselves

price ฿45,000.00 baht

W9 Life Package, a check-up program to adjust individual lifestyles such as vitamins or nutrients, skin problems, stress and sleep. including sexual health

price ฿29,000.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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