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W9 emphasizes investing in health Along with the financial aspect for future wealth

W9 Wellness joins the Wealth Talk with Expert seminar activity, highlighting guidelines for investing in health. Ready for finances for the future

because "Health is Wealth” W9 Wellness Center, a holistic health care center (Holistic) in Praram 9 Hospital. Participated in booth activities on behalf of business partner representatives in the seminar. Wealth Talk with Expert Organized by FWD Insurance Thailand's leading insurance company on September 17, 2023 at the Social Room, W Bangkok Hotel, gathered a group of high-level financial investors. High-Net-Worth Come join in updating investment directions for the future. Invest in health both in the Thai market and foreign markets

Lectures given by experts Especially in finance and investment, at the W9 Wellness event, we also provided special privileges to all investors who attended the event.

By investing in health It is another investment for the future byPlan preventative health care before disease occurs. It does not cause serious or chronic disease. Affecting the finances Or is it an expense that your children and grandchildren may have to bear? preventive health care It will help assess your health in depth. In addition to the general annual health check. Focuses on balancing health at the cellular level Cause of disease Ready to give advice Plan appropriate health care and maintenance by a specialized medical doctor. Reduce the risk of disease early on To reduce the cost of treating diseases that may occur in the future. It is a way to create financial wealth and health security. Let's live a stable life together.


Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here. Add Line : @W9Wellness

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