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In-depth health check

Check your health, enhance your “prevention” and take care of your health and that of your loved ones. With a "wellness" health check that will make you aware of the "balance" of the body's important basic systems. and organize a holistic health care program "individualized" to help treat disease. Reduce the risk of developing "anti-aging" diseases and achieve sustainable good health.

Why do you need an in-depth health check?

It is a health check program in addition to the annual basic health check. By using an analysis of the balance of every system in the body, both Hormone balance check Check vitamin balanceand essential minerals Accumulated levels of toxins and levels of inflammatory markers in various systems, including Genetic test This will provide additional information. in risk assessment and to balance your body in one program. That will help you get to know your body even more. Able to jointly plan to treat or prevent chronic diseases, reduce risks, and delay the onset of degenerative diseases. (Degenerative diseases) in the future and effectively enhance the functioning of all body systems.

Why do we need an in-depth, personalized health check?

Because we all They have different body bases. General basic health examination is therefore not sufficient.

Today we live in a society that is full of hustle and bustle. the whole trip Eating and job duties at stress Each day, it can easily result in our body and mind being out of balance. Especially people who neglect to take care of their own health, don't take care of their food, don't exercise. Can't sleep at the right time let yourself get fat The body will deteriorate prematurely. When you realize it again, you may already have a serious disease.

Because people are born different (Genetics), their lifestyles and limitations in living life are different. (Epigenetics) in-depth health examination It will be able to analyze the imbalance (Imbalance) in the body's functioning system, which may be the root cause of many chronic adverse symptoms. that you may be used to without realizing it, such as cannot sleep Chronic headache muscle aches chronic fatigue to a state of depression Depressed Can't control emotions well memory decline which balances health It will help solve your health problems directly. As a result, your body will return to its full potential.


Wellness-oriented health check program


Healthitude comes from the words Healthy combined with Attitude because we believe that In order to create and have good, sustainable health, It must begin with the correct attitude and awareness of the importance of preventive health care before disease occurs.

Healthitude Program is an in-depth health check program that raises the level of health care to be more comprehensive. This is in addition to the standard annual health examination. The inspection coversHormone balance Vitamin level Minerals and Antioxidants Including various inflammatory markers To accurately plan and balance health

Healthitude Package has a variety of programs. which covers inspections for each different system according to individual needs




Suitable for children aged 5-15 years.

age of learning Strengthen development Help parents know their limitations and be able to support their abilities during the age of change in the appropriate direction.

Suitable for young working people.

age of learning Strengthen development Help parents know their limitations and be able to support their abilities during the age of change in the appropriate direction.

Suitable for the elderly and menopausal people

age of learning Strengthen development Help parents know their limitations and be able to support their abilities during the age of change in the appropriate direction.

Our in-depth health check-up program

In-depth health analysis program Selected to suit your lifestyle.

price ฿4,900.00 baht

Holistic health check program, 68 items that covers all system inspections including basic examinations, hormone levels, vitamins, and inflammation in various systems Suitable for people with chronic health problems that cannot be determined. Or those who want a preventive health balance check that goes more in depth than the basic health check program.

price ฿39,000.00 baht

Holistic health check program that covers all systems. Including checking toxin levels, hormone balance, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels. Including various inflammatory markers

suitable for People with chronic health problems for which the cause cannot be found or those who want to take preventative health care In addition to the annual basic health check.

price ฿59,000.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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