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W9 Wellness

W9 Wellness Center, a new type of health care center

Change your way of thinking Focus on balancing For sustainable good health


  • W9 Wellness Center New health care center of Rama IX Hospital that emphasizes raising the level of prevention and health care Through designing personalized health care (Personalized Wellness Program)
  • with Dr. Pichak Wongwisit, director of the center Doctors specializing in preventive medicine (Preventive Medicine) and Dr. Phattharada Ritthiwong are the main medical team who will provide services and advice.
  • at W9 Wellness Center Will focus on balancing health Through Lifestyle Modification including using food as medicine, eating, sleeping, and controlling stress. and balancing life in various aspects To create sustainable good health
  • Respond to the wellness trend that is strong in this era. Believing that in the future preventive health care It will be a trend that will become more popular.

W9 Wellness Center New health care center of Rama IX Hospital Born to be in line with the lifestyle trends of today's people who are more attentive to their health. It is preventative health care. that will have personalized health care designs Passed an in-depth health examination including genetics, hormones, vitamins, and toxins, along with advice to help find a balance in your individual lifestyle. Change your attitude that taking care of your health before disease is something you can do yourself, easily and realistically, so that we have sustainable good health both physically and mentally.

It is considered another option in medicine. We usually go to the doctor only when we are sick. or have some disease to get well But preventive health care is thought of in reverse. That is, adjust your own health balance from today. Before various diseases occur, which will undergo a deeper analysis of the body's basic system balance than a general annual health check-up. in order to adjust the imbalance without letting it reach the point of disease It is considered another option in the medical field. Although at present it may not be very popular. But I believe that in the future it should become mainstream easily.

Where W9 Wellness Center has Dr. Pichak Wongwisit, Center Director Doctor specializing in preventive medicine (Preventive Medicine) and Dr. Phattharalada Ritthiwong It is the main medical team that will provide services and advice.

Holistic health care

Dr. Phichak explained that W9 Wellness Center It is the application of medical knowledge in many areas together. both in preventive medicine Rehabilitative Medicine and various alternative medicine By focusing on the individual. Because genetic and environmental factors make everyone different. Wellness is not just prevention. but also involves joint treatment of disease and restore the deterioration of various body systems to return to work better.

“Wellness is now a megatrend. But it is still considered a new science in the medical field. It may still not be clear in the eyes of society. Because many people still understand that Wellness is about beauty or spas, when in fact Wellness is about prevention and holistic health care. We look at the dimensions of health care from a different perspective.”

Dr. Pichak further explained that the standard medical system It starts with the patient having symptoms or signs. Treatment can be likened to organs being trees that branch into different parts, with each specialized doctor taking care of them separately. For example, if you have knee pain, go see an orthopedist. I had a stomach ache and went to see a gastroenterologist. Patients with multiple diseases may have multiple doctors and take many types of medicine. In terms of the system, it may be difficult to put everything together to find the true root cause.

“In Wellness treatment, we look at the whole body system. Focus on balancing the basic system. from hormonal balance Balance nutrients and vitamins Efficiency in detoxifying each type of toxin that differ according to genetic factors These factors affect every system in the body. We apply new knowledge About intestinal balance Both in terms of hidden food allergies and microbial balance that affects many systems Since the immune system Autoimmune diseases, obesity, and neuropsychiatric diseases This is something we need to look at again. Turn to holistic treatment By looking at the basic systems of the body. This is a different perspective from the past, which was viewed separately.”

“Wellness, we check the whole body. Complete with all the body's functioning systems to see work balance Because we view the body as a whole. When one system is out of balance, it affects many others. We do not separate treatment for each organ. Focus on treatment to create balance in the body. So that all systems work together efficiently.”

Restore balance to the body

W9 Wellness answers the needs of 3 main groups of customers: people who are not yet sick But want to take good care of your health Want to always look good from the inside? The second is a group of people who are chronically ill and must take medicine. and want to balance with us For example, people who can't sleep, have migraines, and third, there are people who have degenerative diseases and want to recover, such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. or Alzheimer's

“The first group, people who are not sick, will come in and talk with us for at least an hour first. To look at lifestyle, eating, sleeping, and working, there is a checklist that helps assess the quality of basic daily life. In order to recommend an in-depth health check program This will vary according to the problems and interests of the individual,” said Dr. Pichak.

“By in-depth examination, it will help us understand. Our metabolism increases. For example, if we eat food, can the body use it well? Whether it's carbohydrates protein or fat Where is the metabolism stuck? Which vitamin is the body lacking? We will do both short-term and short-term balancing methods. By compensating for the lack of essential nutrients and long-term by recommending appropriate dietary modifications There is nutrition that matches your body's needs.”

Dr. Phattharalada Added that “It's very strange that Thailand has sunshine all year long. But Thai people have low vitamin D. Partly afraid of the heat And some people don't go out much in their lives. Most of them stay indoors and don't see the importance of going outside. or the food that we eat If you don't have to take dietary supplements How do we know that it's enough? both absorption and metabolism”

“Now that is a health problem, there is PM 2.5 dust, which is mixed with heavy metals. Time accumulated in the body causes the body to become inflamed and produce free radicals. Or in some people it is related to the metabolism and hormonal system. That is, I received a lot of toxins. and the body cannot expel it in time because it is in a toxic environment The body's detoxification process is not balanced. Causing the body to deteriorate more When the detoxification system is disturbed There is an accumulation of more toxins in the body. It will affect the balance of many other systems. Whether it's the nervous system, hormones, metabolism, until it affects our way of life. Both sleeping and digesting food will go in cycles like this. What we do is try to balance the body. and find the cause of where our body is out of balance What is the real cause? It's not just about pulling out toxins, but what can we do to make our body's nature work better?”

Choose to eat, choose to live. It's not as difficult as you think.

Dr. Pichak emphasizes that it is important to take care of your own health. Prevent before disease occurs It's not difficult. It depends on your attitude towards life. Especially about food Many people may complain that it is difficult to find healthy things to eat. Or sometimes the price is high. But actually we can choose healthy food from around us. For example, in the morning you may have to rush a lot. Normally, I go to a convenience store to buy a sandwich to eat. We just changed from grabbing a sandwich to getting a steamed bun. Now your body will have better quality carbohydrates. Adjusting these small decisions in everyday life All of them can affect our health.

W9 Wellness We named our testing program Healthitude, which comes from the words Healthy and Attitude, because to have sustainable good health, You have to adjust your attitude. Be aware of the health effects It will make us choose the right food for ourselves. and a lifestyle that can be yourself in a balanced way.”

“Healthitude is a program where everyone who comes in will get something in the long run. By gradually helping to change the way of thinking that the food is good It's not like you have to eat vegetables and salad every meal. Healthy suffering is not suitable for everyone. Because each person's balance is different. Not everyone has to eat everything well according to the textbooks. You can eat ice cream. Can eat sweets But you must know the balance. If you're still addicted to sweet things Changing granulated sugar to coconut sugar or stevia This is a natural sweetness that is not expensive and hard to find. It can greatly reduce the damage to the body. We will give you options that he may not have considered before. Make it easier for him to be healthy Through integration with his own lifestyle It is about changing his choices in his old lifestyle.”

Dr. Phattharada gives an example of changing from eating white rice to brown rice. You can also add millet mixed with quinoa. It was something he didn't know before. Or you know and don't think about it. In fact, our lives have more options than that. Or when we want to find a snack to relieve loneliness and increase our energy during the day, we can choose foods in the good fat group like almond milk and pistachio milk. Or there are many types of naturally baked beans to choose from.”

“Many people will read on the internet. Look at the instructions to see if that's a good method. But it may not be suitable for your own life. Some people do IF (Intermittent Fasting), some do it well, some do it not well because our bodies are not the same. If the hormonal balance is not good Going on a diet can increase stress and have a negative effect on your body, so you need to know your body. How are we? Someone gives advice. How to prepare? How to eat, what to do if IF, it is a matter of giving knowledge on how to live life,” said Dr. Phattharalada.

Alternatives to becoming mainstream

However, Dr. Pichak admits that preventative health care is still not very widespread. With many things being new knowledge There are still not many doctors interested in working in this field. But I believe that in the future, more people will start to be interested in this approach. In general, treatment will occur when there is disease. But for us, we don't view that symptom as a disease, but as a condition, a deterioration. Caused by all interrelated factors, whether it be food, toxins, rest, stress, sleep, everything comes from lifestyle. that causes the body to become unbalanced Then our duty is to come in and help adjust and restore the balance back to normal.

Dr. Phattharalada gives the example of diabetes. Many people think that it is a disease that cannot be cured. Waiting for the day of dialysis If it's in your eyes, you'll be blind. But here it is seen as a disease of degeneration. Vascular deterioration The metabolic process is out of balance. See where the deterioration is and what causes the body to lose balance. What prevents the body from using sugar properly? Why is it resistant to insulin? Both in terms of hormones Balance nutrients and toxins

“People who live very healthy lives You will see our value clearly. Because it saves a lot of time. You don't have to do random experiments like other people. Eat like other people say is good. But he will really understand his own body. Find out what is suitable for you, what you need, and what you're missing through our recommendations. To create a unique health balance with effective results,” Dr. Pichak concluded.

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