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Did you know? Approximately 50% Thai people have vitamin D deficiency.

The reason why Thai people Lack of vitamin D?

In the past, Thai people rarely encountered the problem of vitamin D deficiency. Because it is a hot city Located near the equator Receives strong sunlight all year Therefore there is not much of a problem. In fact, people get more vitamin D from sunlight than 90%.

Normally, with age, vitamin D synthesis in the skin decreases. This is because cholesterol is a precursor to the synthesis of The amount of vitamin D in the skin decreases with age. But from the research results it was found that Younger people have, on average, lower vitamin D levels than older people. This may be because elderly people have a lifestyle that likes to do outdoor activities more, such as walking, gardening, and planting trees. But most younger people are of working age. Staying at work and always use sunscreen regularly


Currently, approximately 50% Thai people, especially in Bangkok, more than 71.4% have vitamin D deficiency. The average vitamin D level was 26.0 ng/ml from normal which should be 30.00 ng/ml. Due to living mainly in buildings Stay at work and use sunscreen regularly. Including urban environments with dense tall buildings. Air that is not well ventilated, pollution, dust, smoke, PM2.5 makes people less inclined to come out and do activities outside the building.

Signs of vitamin D deficiency

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Knee joint pain
  • easily infected
  • backache
  • depression
  • Wounds heal slowly
  • osteoporosis
  • hair loss

Since childhood, we have often understood that vitamin D has a primary function. To help keep bones and teeth strong. But that is only 20% of vitamin D's actual function.

Vitamin D doesn't just help with bones and teeth. But it is necessary for almost every system in the body, or simply put, it affects health and strength.

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Reduce cancer risk
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Prevent self-allergies
  • DNA repair
  • strengthen bones
  • Increase muscle strength

In fact More than 80% Thai people have never had a vitamin D test. If you have chronic symptoms in many systems with no clear cause, especially symptoms related to the system. Autoimmune disorders Chronic symptoms in the digestive system or nervous system symptoms, you may consult a doctor. To consider checking vitamin D levels in addition to in the annual health check program

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Dr. Pichak Wongwisit (Dr. Bai)

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