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Incontinence of urine Things that children and grandchildren should know about the elderly

Urinary incontinence One of the most common abnormal symptoms in the elderly. Even though we understand that it can happen because of deterioration with age. But it doesn't mean that it should be neglected.. It would definitely be better if we understood one of the symptoms that often occur in the elderly, such as 'Incontinence of urine'

Urinary incontinence It is a symptom that is most common in older people because the pelvic muscles weaken with age. It is also a common side effect of an enlarged prostate. This is an abnormality found in men aged 45 years and over.

Incontinence of urine What can be caused?

Urinary incontinence It can also be caused by other factors such as

  • urinary tract infection As a result, you feel the need to urinate more often than usual.
  • aging Causes the function of the urinary system to deteriorate or get worse.
  • Other health problems For example, difficulty walking, making it take longer to reach the bathroom.

Urinary incontinence It usually occurs during coughing and sneezing due to pressure in the abdomen that causes urine to come out. or accidental urination Including the impact on daily life, such as frequently going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Having trouble sleeping due to waking up in the middle of the night Including accidents from rushing to the bathroom. This is something that should be careful in elderly people.

Incontinence of urine Can it be treated?

Symptom treatmentIncontinence of urineCurrently, there are many methods. both using medicine and surgery The doctor will evaluate and plan the treatment. together with adjusting the patient's behavior Especially avoiding alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and smoking to help the kidneys work lighter. Along with exercising the sphincter muscles to be strong.

Strengthen your sphincter muscles with the PMS machine.

PMS machine (Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation) is a device that directly stimulates the nervous system using electromagnetic waves. Can be used to treat urinary incontinence from an early stage.

  • Going deeper into the nervous system that controls bladder function.
  • Helps strengthen the sphincter muscles and pelvic floor tissue.
  • Stimulate the circulatory system to work better.

PMS is also great for people suffering from chronic pain. Office Syndrome herniated disc Pain from the nervous system Paralyzed patients, paralysis Numbness from peripheral neuropathy Numbness in diabetic patients and sexual health problems. Electromagnetic wave therapy or PMS machine is another option that can help improve these symptoms.

It will definitely be better.. If we help in taking care of close elder relatives to bring them back to life again. It also helps create a feeling of confidence for you to live your life and have good health with confidence.

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