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At present we find that Alternative cancer treatment (Alternative Cancer) is starting to be accepted by more and more patients and people around them. Whether it is using mistletoe therapy to help reduce side effects from chemotherapy or doing various NK Cell treatments, including checking the remaining amount of NK Count and looking at the quality of NK Activity work in order to provide treatment. The patient's symptoms improved.

Why do patients use NK Cells in joint treatment?

  • Looking for an alternative doctor for treatment
  • I don't want to do chemotherapy and radiation. 
  • The body is weak from chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Had side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.
  • The body is very sensitive to chemotherapy.
  • The body is weak. Until unable to live a normal life

Cancer treatment with Immune Therapy

Immune Therapy is a treatment that uses the patient's own immune system cells. This is an alternative medicine treatment method that uses cells in the patient's immune system to fight cancer cells in the patient's own body. which sometimes uses the word Cell therapy (Cell Based Therapy) can also be treated.

Cells in the immune system can be divided into two groups based on their function.

  1. Innate Immunity Cells are ready to work immediately. No need to wait for orders Therefore, they are often the first group of cells to attack the cell. or foreign objects in the body But it is a group of cells that work in a non-specific way. and cannot stay in the body for a long time The representative of this group of cells is Natural Killer Cells or NK Cells or killer cells. which act as the first group of cells to deal with cells or foreign objects immediately If you check that it is not a normal cell.
  2. Adaptive Immunity It is a group of cells that need to be learned. or there was a referral from another cell To recognize and use it to fight cancer cells or foreign substances that enter the body. Unable to work immediately Representatives of this group of cells are B or T Cells.

Usually, cancer patients have physical conditions that do not allow the cells in their immune system to function effectively. Therefore, problems are often encountered whether the amount is less than normal. or performance lower than normal or found both types together These problems are factors that cause cancer cells to grow rapidly. Although using chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) is considered the standard treatment for cancer today, but its side effects are well known. Including the results of cells in the body being destroyed along with cancer cells as well.

Treatment using the patient's immune system cells Therefore, it is considered another option for cancer treatment, with the goal of treatment focusing on increasing the efficiency of the immune system. To be able to fight cancer on their own when treated together with surgery. or treatment with specific drugs (Targeted Medicine) found that the treatment results were satisfactory. There may not be a need for chemotherapy. or use as little as possible

NK Cell, the killer cell that kills cancer

NK Cell (Natural Killer Cell) or killer cell is a type of white blood cell in the immune system. It is the body's frontline defense system that is very important. NK Cells are able to differentiate between normal cells and abnormal cells. This makes NK Cells capable of destroying cancer cells 100 times higher than other white blood cells.

For people who are often sick The body is weak. It can be assumed that the quantity of NK Cells is less than normal or that the quantity is normal but not of good quality. It is like a fortress that is not strong and ready to collapse. Therefore, when something foreign happens in the body whether it is cancer cells or various germs It can spread quickly.

NK Cell's mechanism for eliminating cancer cells

NK Cells have the ability to detect foreign substances or cells with abnormal behavior. “Cancer cells” in the body by themselves. When NK Cell detects them, they will release substances to cause those cells to die. Also known as the Apoptosis mechanism, so that those cells do not later become cancer cells. And in addition to detecting foreign objects, NK Cells also send signals to call other types of white blood cells. Let's come together to eliminate viruses from the body. So that there is no chance of harming our bodies later.

Planning steps Alternative cancer treatment with NK Cell

  1. Pre-Screening: It is a preliminary screening test. To check the level and efficiency of NK Cell Therapy before treatment.
  2. Blood Drawing: Blood drawing for use in the NK Cell Therapy culture process
  3. NK Cell Culture: Isolate and culture NK Cell Therapy to increase quantity and efficiency.
  4. NK Cell Treatment: Let NK Cell Therapy return to the body. to use normally
  1. Currently, there are 2 groups of diseases that use NK Cells in treatment:
    1. cancer group
    • White blood cells (Leukemia)
    • Ovarian cancer
    • Breast cancer (Breast Cancer (HER-2 +ve))
    • nervous system tissue cancer (Neuroblastoma)
    1. Group of non-cancer diseases
    • Viral Infection
    • Autoimmune Disease
    • Type I Diabetes

    Another important issue is who should pay attention to the function of NK Cells in the body? 

    • People with a family history of cancer
    • Health problems, frequent infections, weak body
    • People with chronic diseases such as liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood fat. Chronic viral hepatitis
    • Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment or who are being monitored for cancer recurrence
    • People with lifestyle behaviors that damage their health include insufficient rest, stress, not exercising, smoking a lot, and drinking large amounts of alcohol.
    • People with nutritional deficiencies or malnutrition Due to eating food that is not proportionate, such as lack of consumption of vegetables, fruits or meat. Causes the body to lack vitamins, minerals, and protein, etc.
    • People who want to know the quantity and quality of NK Cells in order to plan disease prevention.

Reduce chemotherapy side effects with mistletoe (Mistletoe Therapy)

There are many studies that have been found. Mistletoe extract helps stimulate the immune system. and help fight cancer Especially in European countries, mistletoe is used. It has been used in the treatment of cancer for more than 100 years. It has been researched and is accepted for use in conjunction with main treatments in cancer patients, such as radiation and chemotherapy. It was found that using mistletoe extracts It is safe. Helps patients feel better Helps reduce side effects from treatment very well. and does not reduce efficiency or resist primary treatment It also increases strength to the body. It can improve the quality of life of patients.

Curcumin reduces inflammation. and strengthen the immune system naturally

Curcumin is an immune stimulant. It has a good anti-inflammatory effect. It is a highly effective dietary supplement. And it has many benefits for the body and brain. Curcumin helps fight germs in many ways without side effects. Helps stimulate the immune system inhibit the formation and spread at the genetic level


NK Cell's mechanism for eliminating cancer cells

Dietary care for cancer patients is divided into 2 groups: the macronutrient group and the micronutrient group. which is very important for cancer patients

  • Macronutrient group It is a main nutrient or a nutrient that has large molecules. Types of plant proteins Complex carbohydrates and good fats that have antioxidant properties can be found from brown rice, riceberry, cereals, nuts, omega 3, 9, which these foods have anti-cancer properties. Helps with immunity and does not stimulate insulin. Because sugar helps cancer grow faster.
  • Micronutrient group It is a nutrient that has small molecules such as Vitamin D, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B. It can be found from mushrooms, meat (must choose the type), milk, eggs, grains, beans, colorful vegetables, local herbs with a pungent odor. These foods help build a strong immune system.

Ultimately, the patient's dietary care will focus on eating a variety of nutrients. Especially those that are vegetables that have a pungent smell. Contains antioxidants (Antioxidant) in order to make the patient's immune system stronger. In terms of wellness, we also strengthen the immune system with NK Cells, including taking good care of the patient's mental state. Both about stress Exercise and sleep, because everything should be done together for the best treatment efficiency.

Why choose? Alternative cancer treatment at W9 Wellness

If you are looking for alternative cancer treatment, at W9 Wellness, we have a team of medical experts who can take care of you and provide advice from NK Cell examination to NK Cell culture closely, along with proper self-care of the patient. each person Because we know that treating a health condition like cancer is more complex than just treating it alone. But there are other factors. of the patient himself who must be well taken care of as well Whether it's eating exercise lifestyle of living Other daily lifestyles That may result in your body becoming weaker.

“Everyone's basic health is different. Health care should be individualized. to increase accuracy and efficiency in providing the best treatment.”


Alternative programs for joint cancer treatment

Program to analyze the work of white blood cells, NK Cell Activity, to see their performance. that it can kill viruses or foreign cells How little has happened in our bodies? In order to plan prevention before disease occurs

price ฿180,000.00 baht

Curcumin Vitamin IV Drip, a treasure trove of nature, has strong anti-inflammatory effects. It is a highly effective dietary supplement.

price ฿12,000.00 baht

NK Count & NK Activity Test check the number and efficiency of killer cells. Evaluate the working ability of NK Cells, which act as the first line of defense in eliminating viruses. like cancer cells

price ฿20,000.00 baht

Genetics pass cancer from generation to generation. Don't let the risk go from low to high. Program to screen for 51 types of advanced cancer from the earliest stages.

price ฿18,000.00 baht

Program to analyze the risk of 13 cancers and 21 common diseases from genetic material (DNA) using saliva testing.

Suitable for: People with a family history of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and memory loss. and cardiovascular disease

price ฿29,000.00 baht

Consult about health problems and receive special privileges for you here.

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