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What do probiotics help? Which species is beneficial to the body?

Many people have probably heard the word What do probiotics help with? Until you get used to it and know about its remarkable properties in the digestive system. But few people know that probiotics in our intestines are beneficial to other systems. Many more in the body Because of probiotics are microorganisms that live in the human body There are more than 500 different species, living interdependently on each other. Can be found in the mouth, stomach, intestines, and urinary tract.

Each type of probiotic has different effects on the body. Good microorganisms help maintain intestinal health. Inhibits the growth of germs that enter the body. Helps with excretion Stimulates the immune system, burns fat and reduces toxins in the intestines. Bad microorganisms cause disease to the body.

In addition to helping the digestive system What else can probiotics help with?

The human digestive system is home to microorganisms. or many types of probiotics It performs functions related to various systems of the body, including the digestive system, nervous system, excretory system, and immune system. That is one important system that helps prevent various diseases, which 70% of the immune system (Immunity System) occurs in our intestines.

Including important white blood cells like NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells), a type of white blood cell that acts as a front line defense against germs, also reside in the intestines. Because the key to good health is Maintaining the balance of microorganisms in the body and having a variety of species in the body

There are hundreds of different strains of probiotics in the body. Perform different duties Let's see which strains of probiotics are beneficial to our body in what ways.

  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum (B.bifidum)  It is considered an important probiotic. Helps prevent the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. By attaching to the intestinal wall and steal nutrients from bad microorganisms It has the function of enhancing immunity, increasing mineral absorption, reducing the chance of intestinal diseases, reducing plasma cholesterol levels, and reducing damage caused by toxins in the organs. and produce lactic acid and inhibit the growth of bad microorganisms
  • Bifidobacterium breve (B.breve)  It's a good microorganism. Can help promote immunity for the body. Naturally born children will have the opportunity to receive this type of microorganism from birth through their mother's vagina. Makes children born naturally have a strong physical foundation. It helps reduce inflammation, aids in digestion, supports intestinal function, and helps strengthen the body's immune system. and helps promote intestinal function very well
  • Bifidobacterium lactis (B.lactis)  Useful in patients with dermatitis. Helps increase T lymphocytes (T lymphocytes) and NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells), all resulting in a better immune system. It also helps eliminate waste in the body. Promotes better absorption of vitamins and minerals in the intestines
  • Lactobacillus gasseri (L.gasseri) It is a probiotic that has outstanding properties in terms of weight control. Reduce abdominal fat Waist circumference and hip circumference Mostly found in mother's milk. It has an important role in enhancing the synthesis of Growth Hormone, helping the body not become tired. And reduce anxiety, synthesize Gassericin A in the body, which is responsible for fighting bad microorganisms, reducing stress and improving sleep quality. Including reducing constipation caused by stress. including weight control and reduce the risk of abnormal metabolic syndrome (abdominal obesity)

Belly obesity is a serious disease trend of modern people.

Currently, it is found that more and more Thai people are suffering from metabolic syndrome (Metabolic Syndrome) because of abnormal metabolism. Fat accumulation occurs around the waist area. or the abdominal cavity is too large This increases the risk of developing diabetes. high blood pressure Including heart disease and blood vessels which has a negative effect on many body systems

By observing that the waist circumference is greater than or equal to 80 centimeters in women. and greater than or equal to 90 centimeters in men This is caused by daily living habits, whether it be eating foods that are high in energy, eating sweet, fatty, salty foods, or living a comfortable life. lack of exercise

This can be treated by balancing the gut with personalized probiotics. That helps restore the metabolism to normal. Therefore, supplementing with probiotics matches your body's own needs. (Personalized Probiotics) including the proportion that should be consumed for each person is therefore important in balancing the intestinal tract.

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