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ฝุ่นจิ๋ว PM2.5

Tiny dust PM2.5 and lung cancer that city people should not overlook

Day by day, the problem of air pollution affects the health of people in this era quite a bit. Especially people who live in cities are exposed to PM2.5 dust, car fumes from exhaust pipes, and microplastics. Our bodies inhale and accumulate them little by little without realizing it. Before you know it, your body will start to have symptoms of certain diseases such as coughing, phlegm, nasal irritation, nasal burning, and even worse, what many people fear the most is lung cancer that comes from microscopic dust or PM2.5 that We are facing each other now.

Reasons why PM2.5 dust can increase the risk of lung cancer

As we all know, micro dust or PM2.5 dust (Particulate Matter) has a particle size smaller than 2.5 microns, more than 20 times smaller than a human hair. It is small enough for us to breathe it into our lungs. and can penetrate through the lung walls into our bloodstream. Resulting in inflammation in the body. And if the body is exposed to PM2.5 dust in large quantities and for too long It may result in lung cancer as many people fear.

By information from medical journals Oncology Letter – PMC5920433 It has been stated that PM2.5 causes cells in the body to mutate or divide abnormally. and create suitable conditions for cancer to occur.

Air pollution problems also affect health. Especially among people who already have chronic diseases. As a result, the existing disease can worsen. It also causes a heart attack. Cerebral hemorrhage Asthma attacks, especially in children and pregnant women and the elderly who have to take special care of their own health more than the general public

and also includes other toxins That is apart from PM2.5 dust when the body is accumulated for a long time. It can have a negative effect on health as well.

  • Cigarette smoke, smoke from car exhaust pipes industrial factory
  • Contaminants in cosmetics, hair dyes, nail polish
  • Contaminants in food, vegetables, and fruits come from the use of chemicals. or insecticide
  • Food containers, foam boxes, curry bags, coffee mugs

All of these factors have both short-term and long-term effects on the body. It also increases the risk of cancer in the future.

Warning signs that the body has accumulated too many toxins

  • Chronic fatigue, not refreshed
  • Can't sleep, can't sleep well
  • Brain fatigue, no concentration
  • Easily forgetful, memory deteriorates
  • Asthma, shortness of breath

Check for toxins Reduce the risk of lung cancer from PM2.5 dust.

Even though we live a life surrounded by a lot of pollution Both from cigarette smoke, car exhaust, contaminants in cosmetics, PM2.5 dust, or various heavy metals. But at present we can check the level of toxins. Heavy metal substances in the body Both from blood tests and tissue tests. In order to be able to plan to prevent the risk of future chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Dementia Autoimmune diseases, allergies, or even cancer. It is also the number 1 cause of death for Thai people.

Blood test (Toxin Heavy Metal)

It is a test for lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum that accumulate in the body. Especially people who live in cities are at risk of being exposed to accumulated heavy metals. Either from air pollution, waterways, or the food you eat. When too much is accumulated in the body, it affects the hormonal system in the body. causing hormones to be unbalanced It is also a factor that causes blood vessels to become inflamed. which may be very dangerous to health

Even though our body has a system to eliminate toxins. But for some people this may not be fast enough. It would be better if we knew whether our bodies have accumulated heavy metal toxins or not. To prevent the silent dangers from heavy metal toxins that may cause damage to our health in a timely manner.

Tissue examination (Oligoscan)

It measures the levels of vitamins, minerals, and heavy metals in the body at the cellular level. (No need to draw blood) Lets us know the mineral balance in the body. and efficiency in detoxifying the body Which is the cause of our body being tired, unable to sleep, lacking energy, frequent headaches. Examination Oligoscan Therefore helping us to supplement the vitamins and minerals that the body lacks more precisely.

How to remove toxins from the body? Chelation Therapy

Normally, our body has a mechanism to remove toxins by itself through sweat, urine, and feces. But if we receive too much accumulated toxins, And if we continue to increase the accumulation of toxins every day through daily use. It makes the body unable to eliminate all toxins. Those toxins will accumulate and remain in our body. Until it may cause various chronic diseases in the future.

In Wellness itself, we have a simple way to detoxify. through the saline line What we call chelation therapy (Chelation Therapy) There will be an expert doctor who will evaluate each patient for each detoxification session. Including adding vitamins or groups of anti-oxidants included So that while doing it you don't feel too tired.

Therefore, turning to care and attention Regarding the efficiency of the body's toxin detoxification system (Chelation Therapy) for people living in cities. Therefore, it is something that you should be aware of. and attaches great importance to

“Don't let toxins accumulate in your body until it becomes a chronic condition.” Let W9 Wellness Center take care of your toxin detoxification system.

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