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Gene test: unlock the secret code for losing weight Passed the inspection only once.

In the present era that many people are starting to turn to take care of their health more start exercising Eat nutritious food causing exercise training to begin to increase At present, it can be observed in the sports equipment market. and more fitness centers, but wouldn't it be good if we knew what kind of exercise our bodies are suitable for through genetic testing so that we could help reduce and prevent various injuries from exercise

What is DNA Lifestyle?


It is planning a life that is suitable for each individual. Pass only one DNA test. DNA testing is different from general health screenings. Because it is an in-depth analysis of Our own genetic code gives insight into the root of the problem. such as weight loss problems Some people have been exercising all their lives and their weight has stayed the same. DNA test Help us to know what kind of weight loss is most suitable for us. Because some people may need to reduce Fat and exercise patterns. What kind of exercise should I do that doesn't risk injury? or athletes who want to see their true potential It can be seen through a DNA test.

If we know what the basics of our body are We will be able to plan to take better care of ourselves. Because you know the genetic code Will help design a lifestyle that suits you. For good health and happiness in living life

Why do you eat so little but still get fat?

Because each person's body Responds differently to each type of nutrient. genetic testing It will help us know that our bodies How do you respond to each type of food? For example, when examined, it was found that our body is sensitive to its consumption. high in carbohydrates That means The body does not digest and absorb carbohydrates efficiently. or takes longer than usual It is caused by insulin in the blood not functioning well (Insulin resistance). The body has high blood sugar levels for a long time. After eating carbohydrates If we don't control our carbohydrate intake well, It will make us more easily obese than other people. If it is a lot, it may increase the risk of diabetes.


How is genetic testing related to exercise?


Because genes determine genetic variation in the body, such as muscle strength. Risk of injury, flexibility, and weight loss and overweight. Especially in athletes, you will get to know your own body better. DNA will help determine the appropriate exercise guidelines for each individual. Makes you know your body's strengths and weaknesses. Helps reduce the risk of injury. It can also tell you what type of sport or training that person is suitable for. Including vitamin supplements or nutritional supplements for each athlete.

Why can't I get thin after running so hard?

Because each person's body is different. The fact that we exercise more than others but never lose weight. In fact, our genes may not be suitable for that type of exercise. The factors that affect genetic weight loss are as follows.

1.   Overweight or obesity (Obesity)

It can occur for many reasons. Most of it comes from eating habits. lack of exercise Lifestyles that promote obesity Including certain genetic factors that increase the risk of being overweight.


2.   Process of creating and burning energy (Metabolism)

Metabolism is a reaction in the body. that helps create and burn energy In cases where the body has a balanced metabolism, various cellular activities will proceed normally. But in some conditions, if the body's metabolism is too low, Will result in body weight being higher than normal.

3.   Effects of exercise on weight loss (Weight Loss Response To Exercise)

From the study it was found that certain genetic factors As a result, when exercising But the body weight did not decrease as intended.

4.   Effects of exercise on body fat (Loss Of Body Fat Response To Exercise)

Exercise will help you lose weight. and fat accumulated in the body There is a study that certain genetic factors It will increase the effectiveness in reducing body fat from exercise.

5.   Change in weight after losing weight (Weight Loss-Regain)

after losing weight Even though weight loss is successful There will always be a group of people who can keep their weight at an appropriate level. But there is another group of people whose weight may increase again in a short period of time. Genetic factors also increase the risk of weight gain again.


“If we know what the basics of our body are
We will be able to plan to take better care of ourselves.”

What do you get from the DNA Life Package genetic test?

  •  Know your food sensitivities that affect your health.
  •  Know the nutrients your body needs and whether they are sufficient or not.
  • Know your ability to exercise and metabolism
  •  Know about skin problems that are sensitive to various things. How much?
  • Know your sensitivity to various pollutants. in daily life
  • Know your stress level and emotional states, including sleep
  • Know about various aspects of sexual health

Who should take the DNA Life Package test?

  • Children from 15 years old and up
  • People who want to take special care of their health
  • Groups with problems with being overweight
  • Athletes who want to see their true potential
  • Group of people who love beauty Skin problems

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