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Vitamin D

Vitamin D and the immune system

Vitamin D It's not just about bones and teeth. but boosts the immune system (immunity) of the body

From the introduction from the previous article that Vitamin D is a hormone. that does not just control Calcium and bone homeostasis only. Today we will get to know the role of Vitamin D in the body's immune system (Vitamin D & Immunity).

What does vitamin D have to do with immunity?

Vitamin D has a complex mechanism of action. Various mechanisms in the normal immune system By helping to create and control the function of all types of white blood cells in the immune system which is related to allergies Autoimmune diseases and cancer, we have known for a long time from large studies that Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of death from all causes and death from infectious diseases in“General people”too (1)

Vitamin D & Autoimmunity

Vitamin D deficiency Associated with autoimmune diseases in various systems such as rheumatoid arthritis and SLE. Vitamin D supplementation In patients with autoimmune diseases with low vitamin D levels It has been found to help control disease better. Vitamin D travels to bind to receptors (Vitamin D receptor) on various types of white blood cells (B cells, T cells, and APCs) to inhibit the production of inflammatory substances. (pro-inflammatory cytokines) produced by white blood cells The workplace is distorted. It also stimulates the creation of regulatory T-cells, helping to control behavior (inhibit Th17-response) to prevent white blood cells from becoming unruly. It also hurts the normal tissues of the body in another way.

Vitamin D Immune

Vitamin D & Infection

In addition, people with low levels of vitamin D are more likely toGet infected more easily than other peopleAlso (2) Especially respiratory infections, the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Vitamin D stimulates the production of and stimulate the work of macrophage white blood cells to capture and eat germs (phagocytosis) and also stimulates the production of germicidal substances (Antimicrobial peptides) which can inhibit both bacteria, viruses and fungi. (3)

In 2010, a trial of 167 Japanese schoolchildren with 1,200 IU daily vitamin D3 supplementation was conducted without regard to vitamin D levels. It was found that vitamin D supplementation Can reduce the incidence of seasonal influenza A by almost double. In the group of children who received vitamin D supplementation (4)

Vitamin D & COVID-19

From all the information mentioned above. As a result, there has been a lot of research on vitamin D and COVID-19 in 2020, confirming the importance of vitamin D. with protection against infection (prevention) helps fight viruses (antiviral activity), reduces disease severity (severity) and reduces death rate (mortality) (8In patients with severe symptoms It is well known that part will die from control “Cytokine Storm” (Substances resulting from the fight between white blood cells and viruses) Cytokines therefore destroy the lung tissue. which vitamin D has a duty to control Prevent excessive production and secretion of these Cytokines. The research therefore concludes that People with low vitamin D Will have a higher chance of death than people with normal vitamin D levels. 15.6% (9) and vitamin D supplementation in the general population Helpful in preventing COVID-19 infection. (10,11)

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