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W9 Wellness launches a book about the lifestyles of modern people. It starts with having the right attitude first.

Holistic health care center W9 Wellness launches a new era lifestyle book Starting to accumulate good health from having the right attitude.

Menopause can be prevented. When I talk about "menopause," many people probably shake their heads saying it's definitely not me. But who knows what the symptoms we are actually experiencing are?

Insomnia another problem that can happen to anyone, any gender, any age. The average person's insomnia symptoms are 1-2.

Stressed until the body is in trouble Without coffee, you have no energy? “Adrenal Fatigue” believes that many working people have had to deal with the problem of accumulated stress to the point where the body is unable to take anything else. Can't concentrate on work

Eat clean, exercise, but don't lose any weight! Are you experiencing this kind of problem? Whatever one says is good, we try it all.

Gaining weight for no reason Unintentionally losing weight Her body has changed to the point that people have to come say hello! It may not be a good thing for some people. Because that may mean a glandular disorder.

Irregular menstruation We meet every month but have never met once. This is something that many women probably encounter frequently. Some menstrual periods come and some don't.

Belly fat, don't look at it as normal. "Belly fat" many women probably don't like. But did you know that the cause of this abdominal obesity may be the risk of polycystic ovary syndrome?

3 healthy drinks If you don't want to age prematurely, you must drink! If asked about the concerns that men and women have when they enter adulthood.