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Received the “Quality Persons of the Year 2020” award in the medical business sector (Quality Persons of the Year 2020)

Doctor Bai Dr. Pichak Wongwisit, Director of W9

W9 Wellness Center Holistic preventative health care center (Holistic)

Every girl wants to have beautiful, clear, wrinkle-free skin. But nowadays pollution, including the sun

Not getting enough sleep or staying up late can be an addictive behavior for many people. Maybe it's because I'm watching a movie for fun. Play courting games

Nowadays, people who want to take care of their health In addition to exercise Choose to eat nutritious food or get enough rest.

Toxic substances (Toxic) in a time when everyone is turning to pay more attention to their health. By increasing caution to prevent foreign substances or toxins.

“Young Coconut” is considered a fruit that is easily found in Thailand. If we look closely, young coconuts are often used as a symbol of freshness in the summer.

Vitamin D is not just for bones and teeth. but boosts the immune system (immunity) of the body