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W9 Lifestyle DNA

Check for genetic differences both nutritional needs Metabolic efficiency Proper exercise To adjust your lifestyle to be suitable for you
Alzheimer's is caused by a deterioration in functioning. and structure of brain tissue Often found in the elderly Genetic testing can help prevent the risk.
Viruses and smoke are enemies of the immune system that must be together for a long time. Therefore, strengthening the immune system
Bach Flower helps to balance your mood to be positive. It is a natural extract 100%
In addition to helping with pain relief, It also helps treat other diseases such as paralysis and paralysis.
PRP is a new medical technique. For use in treating tendon and muscle injuries.
Mistletoe extract helps stimulate the immune system. and help fight cancer Especially in European countries, mistletoe is used. It has helped treat cancer for over 100 years.
Risk analysis program for 13 cancers and 21
Predict your life expectancy using medical science. Answering individual health care needs, down to DNA