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W9 opens a new branch in the heart of the city, W Ploenchit Wellness Center.

Because the daily working and living lifestyle of city people inevitably affects their health. It is the cause of various diseases. Therefore, take care of your body to achieve balance. It is another way to help prevent W9 disease before it occurs.

W9 Wellness would like to introduce the Wellness Premium membership card.

Many patients come to ask the doctor about why they sometimes take probiotics. and didn't see the results Because I saw an advertisement saying that it helps to excrete better.

Pointing out trends in the world market, finding that the number of people having problems with infertility and planning to have children continues to increase. “W9

Coughing, sneezing, urinary leakage are mental problems of many adults. It is caused by the body being unable to hold urine.

As women age, various hormones enter a state of decline with age, especially

Adrenal fatigue Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome No matter how much sleep you sleep, it's not enough. Popular diseases among office society In addition to office syndrome

Day by day, the problem of air pollution affects the health of people in this era quite a bit. Especially people living in cities who have to face PM2.5 dust, car fumes from exhaust pipes, and microplastics.