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Vitamin B12 in Wellness & Preventive Medicine

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of red blood cells. The functioning of the nervous system, both central and peripheral. Plays an important role in the process of burning fat and protein at the cellular level.

People today spend their time competing with each other to work, study, and make a living. We grow up amidst a lot of chaos that comes with increasing responsibilities. We have been shaped by society to think that we need to take time.

Hormones are chemicals that the body uses to communicate with each other. To control the body's balance in all systems. Including the metabolic system.

Change your way of thinking Focus on balancing For sustainable good health IN FOCUS

Due to Alzheimer's disease Can be inherited genetically and genetic factors May affect up to 80%

Let's check if we have everything in our refrigerator at home. # If you have it, then switch to taking it every day too. 😘 # Your immune system must be strong. #We must be healthy together. # mustn't be stressed either 😆 1. Granola 🌾 is a variety of dried, unpolished grains.

For the first time in history, we all can help the nation. Help the world economy by just staying at home and working.

I only eat wrapped snacks, cakes, bread, and ice cream. I feel a little considerate of my body.