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W9 Advanced Cancer Screening Test

Detecting cancer at an early stage is very important. Helps reduce the risk of developing tumors or cancer. Because sometimes the body may not send a warning signal.
The problem of constipation, hard stools, and difficult stools can happen to anyone.
Belly obesity is caused by abnormal metabolism. Makes obese people accumulate a lot of fat around the abdomen. They don't want to reduce their belly.
Immunity check after vaccination To increase confidence to another level Because if we have immunity, we can reduce the severity of the disease.

Check microorganisms in the mouth Launching first in Thailand, W9 Wellness joins with giant partners in Hong Kong.

The older you get, the more constipated you become. Constipation can occur at any age. But it is more common and common in the elderly. In Thailand, it is found that elderly people are constipated.

W9 Wellness Center embraces the global health tourism trend by joining the campaign

Chelation therapy is the elimination or detoxification of heavy metals in the body. By giving substances intravenously In order to capture heavy metals from the body

Some cancers are genetically inherited. Normally, everyone has cancer-causing genes that are inherent from birth. But it doesn't cause cancer. It depends on whether the gene is mutated to cause cancer or not. Currently, genetic testing or