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Check the list of 10 warning signs that hormonal imbalances may cause your body to collapse and your moods to fluctuate.

Hormonal imbalance Because the lifestyle of the new generation, in addition to having a Work-Life Balance, creates a balance between work life. and personal life To increase work efficiency Affects good health The family is now happier. Another thing that must be given importance is Hormone Balance or balancing hormones

Because hormones are an important part that helps the body function in necessary systems. To work efficiently And work together systematically. Therefore, the balance of sex hormones is important for the nervous system in regulating mood, sleep, and sexual performance. Including the body's energy generation system Testosterone test and Testing female hormones Therefore important in this era

Today I will take everyone to check out "hormones", the starting point and the key to unlocking the secrets to taking care of, correcting, and balancing your health and body.

Hormonal imbalance, starting pointEasily irritated, dry skin, baldness, insomnia

With the lifestyle of the new generation and changing weather conditions affect health In addition, medical technology has developed a lot, resulting in new innovations. that helps in disease diagnosis, treatment, and overall health care for the body and mind

Focusing on prevention before disease occurs on an individual basis. which has become more popular in the past 5 years because everyone realizes that If sickness is allowed to occur It will affect the lives of those around you, including having to incur high treatment costs. According to statistics, the most popular chronic diseases among Thai people include cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and high blood pressure. Including obesity, which is the cause of many other diseases. The causes of these diseases come fromheredity and lifestyle of each individual


Factors that cause hormones to be out of balance

These factors cause hormones in the body to become unbalanced. “Hormones” are like messengers within the body that have many tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of them. It is a basic system within us that works continuously as a network and depends on each other. It has a relationship with every system in the body and helps promote development, mind, and emotions. Repair health deterioration, delay aging, delay illness. Helps the digestive system work and the body's metabolic system

by an imbalance of only 1-2 hormones caused by genetic factors And the environment, such as food and plastic containers, may be the source of various abnormal conditions or symptoms. related to hormones To avoid disease Hormone testing is therefore important.

Check list of warning signs "Hormonal Imbalance"

Examine yourself if you have symptoms like this. Hurry and check your hormone balance quickly. Don't let it go.

  1. mood swings
  2. Not sleeping well, not sleeping deeply, not waking up refreshed
  3. Tired, no energy
  4. Menstruation is not normal.
  5. Decreased metabolism, easy to get fat
  6. decreased sexual performance
  7. Dry, wrinkled, acne-prone skin.
  8. thin bones and osteoporosis
  9. Depression, accumulated stress
  10. Adverse reactions that have an unclear cause and come and go.

Hormone balance check Help plan and take care of rehabilitation correctly and directly.

Men's and women's hormones are both similar and different. which are similar, such as insulin, thyroid, growth hormone, or hormones from the adrenal glands But the difference is the sex hormones that men have. testosterone called Testosterone while women have female hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone that determines the physiological differences This is a result of the work of a gland in the brain called the pituitary. In addition, sex hormones also affect the emotional state of women and men differently.

No one knows what future health will be like. Hormone level measurement It is an examination that makes it known that We should plan to take care of our health. How to prevent disease that may occur in the future? It's like being a Life Navigator so that we know. You should pay more attention to your health. Or what should be avoided? What vitamins is our body lacking that must be supplemented in order for the body to be balanced, healthy and strong for a long time?

How to test hormones?

Advantages of a hormone balance test: helping to know the levels of important hormones in the body If an imbalance is detected You will be able to plan and take care of your rehabilitation correctly and on the spot. with advice from a doctor specializing in preventive medicine that is appropriate for each person Through the integration of all sciences in preventing, caring for, and restoring deterioration. Both provide hormone replacement to compensate for the deficiency or reduction. Along with changing the lifestyle to suit that person. Including avoiding external factors from the environment that may disturb the hormonal balance in the body.

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